Celtra Pursues Better Ad User Experience for Fortune 500 Brand Advertisers with Video, Programmatic Creative

celtraCeltra wants to help its Fortune 500 clients access the best platform for digital display, video, and native advertising.

It’s working, too: Celtra recently announced platform growth exceeding 50 percent in Q1 compared to the prior year.

“Celtra is seeing strong momentum in newly launched ad products and core capabilities such as video and programmatic creative, which is becoming very appealing to global brands,” according to a statement provided to MMW. “The company also continues to expand its international footprint with a new office opening in Singapore to support its growing list of global clients.”

In early 2016, Celtra strengthened that focus on selling Software-as-a-Service and successfully transitioned to a totally self-service business model.

“We managed to transition all of our clients to a self-service model within a quarter, while growing revenue. Our sharp focus on software selling, customer enablement and support, instead of creative services, resulted in faster growth and improved productivity,” said Mihael Mikek, Founder and CEO of Celtra. “We’ve always been a predominantly self-service platform business. However, 15 percent of the business that we sold with creative and campaign management services, had been using a non-proportional amount of company resources and became a focus distraction.”

The company’s AdCreator soon became the industry standard for mobile and cross-screen ad creation, creative serving, and analytics with its options to manage the user experience and personalization of digital advertising at scale.

“Advertising is a key touch-point of every brand’s customer experience. We see the user experience as the greatest lever for improving customer experience with advertising – it is incredibly important and a largely overlooked opportunity for improving true performance of digital advertising,” added Mikek.