Celtra Advocating New AdCreator Analytics

Celtra Advocating New AdCreator AnalyticsRepresentatives for Celtra recently briefed MMW on their release of the new AdCreator analytics, which includes cross-screen viewability metrics, accidental ad expansion tracking and performance benchmarking.

Celtra professes to be the first to provide viewability metrics on both in-app and mobile web environments.

“The cutting-edge technology found in AdCreator analytics allows agencies, media suppliers and brand leaders to reliably track viewable impressions and intentional ad expansions, as well as other common metrics, via a comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard,” a provided statement reads.

Celtra notes that AdCreator 4 fully supports all nine Media Ratings Council (MRC) required viewability metrics which are exposed on the analytics dashboard, and through the AdCreator analytics API.

“It also adheres to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines for both metrics and tracking techniques used for both browser and in-app,” Celtra explains.

For now, the new tools will be tested by launch partner MediaCom, along with “selected media suppliers.”