Cellular Will Drive Majority of M2M Connectivity Revenues by 2018

Cellular Will Drive Majority of M2M Connectivity Revenues by 2018ABI is out with a new report calling for M2M connectivity to be embedded in more than 2 billion devices across nine key industries by 2018. But it will be cellular that will bring the “bulk of the value and the connectivity revenues.”

ABI Research has examined the demand and appeal for M2M connectivity across cellular, satellite, fixed-line and short-range wireless technologies within nine key industry verticals. Each technology has specific advantages and appeal, but cellular is the best placed to deliver the most value, hence revenues, for the connection.

Expectations expressed in the report indicate that industries including Automotive, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Security, Energy and others will all add connectivity to devices and products in a bid to improve efficiency, cut costs, and improve customer service.

“Looking at demand for connectivity, while cellular will not have the highest number of connections, or the highest average revenue per connection, it will provide the greatest opportunity to drive the most overall value from those connections,” says Jonathan Collins, principal analyst and author of the new report.

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