Cellufun Launches World’s First “Mobile PSA”

Cellufun, a popular social mobile gaming community, has launched the world’s first “mobile public service announcement,” to promote various charities and make it easy for its users to donate via their mobile devices.

The program is launching initially with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.  Cellufun mobile users will have the opportunity to purchase virtual Superman Tags to personalize their online avatars, and Cellufun will donate proceeds from the virtual tag sales to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

The basis for the idea is to provide non-profits access to millions of mobile users via Cellufun’s ever-expanding community dubbed “The World’s Mobile Playground.”  Campaigns launched via the program will feature free in-game advertising, as well as mobile donation opportunities in which users can donate money to the charities over their mobile phones.  We’ve already discussed how mobile-based donations are on the rise thanks to mobile technology, and this is just another excellent example of how its being utilized.

Over 7 million unique monthly mobile visitors choose to spend their personal time on Cellufun, where users play social games, connect with friends, and shop for virtual goods every day.  The average active user spends more than 6.9 hours on Cellufun using his or her mobile phone each month.  Cellufun users generate more than 220 million monthly impressions, making the social gaming community the perfect place for charities and advertisers to reach a highly engaged and active audience.

By introducing the world’s first mobile PSA campaign, Cellufun hopes to raise awareness and secure donations from its users for worthwhile charitable endeavors.  With such a large user base, the company hopes to help non-profits reach a wider audience by bringing them into the mobile medium.  The community provides the perfect platform for mobile donations and non-profit awareness, and it’s impressive that the company has recognized the potential and is utilizing it so effectively.