CellTrust’s Secure SMS Gateway Sets The New Standard

CellTrust is in the business of providing secure and trusted exchange of information on mobile devices, and announced yesterday that they’ve been granted certification by Microsoft of compatibility with Windows Mobile 6.0. This extends their secure mobile-platform to even more devices. What’s possible with their secure platform is the true future of mobile commerce and other content exchange.

Their platform allows for secure transmission of SMS messages and really opens up the next generation of secure mobile marketing. CellTrust lists three obstacles sometimes preventing the use of SMS for commercial messaging:

  1. No one, not even carriers, guarantee delivery of text messages so you can never truly know if messages have arrived or been read by the recipient.
  2. As of today, there are ways to read message content as it is being transmitted through the networks and Internet before it arrives on the end user’s mobile phone.
  3. Once a message has arrived on the cell phone, anyone who happens to pick up the mobile phone has the ability to read it.

These are steep hurdles for things like the financial and health care industries as well as emergency alerts since they all rely on secure communication with the end-user, as well as the need for receipt verification and tracking.

CellTrust has made this possible by introducing a micro-client that will be automatically downloaded to the user’s phone. This allows for messages to be sent and received, as well as brand new tracking and other data which is the backbone to this new secure mobile technology.

Mobile commerce is finally coming around, and secure communication and tracking was obviously an important piece of the puzzle. You can imagine what kind of mobile services and apps will spring up utilizing this new found secure mobile environment. CellTrust lists a few things that are possible with their new platform. Among them are…

  • Confirm that the mobile device is able to receive secure SMS messages;
  • Easily market and push the SecureSMS micro-client to their customers’ mobile phones so they can receive and send secure text messages instantly;
  • Confirm text message recipients have received their SMS messages;
  • Notify the sender when the recipient has opened to read the message;
  • Definitively measure ROI of mobile programs and their effectiveness;
  • Increase market intelligence and strengthen the customer relationship through a trusted exchange.