Cellit Publishes Insightful Best Practices in QSR Mobile Marketing Programs

On Tuesday, the folks at Cellit – a well-known provider of mobile customer relationship management (CRM) systems – published the findings of a 12 month analysis of almost 9,000 mobile marketing campaigns conducted on behalf of 125 QSR clients in 2011.

This latest report is part of Cellit’s ongoing series on best practices by industry vertical, covering Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, QSR Dining, Bars & Nightclubs, Broadcast, Print and Small Businesses.

Among the countless pearls of wisdom in the new report, Cellit reveals that QSR clients surveyed used a range of tactics to acquire new mobile subscribers to the programs. “While diverse,” the report reads, “they are generally cost-effective and fall into one of four categories: on-premise, social media, advertising and refer-a-friend.”

According to Cellit, leveraging existing social media and email databases to convert customers into mobile was the most effective tactic, while the refer-a-friend consistently delivered program growth.

On average, 21 percent of subscribers participated in the refer-a-friend programs Cellit analyzed, while the average conversion rate for referred friends was six percent. The average increase in database size after one refer-a-friend program was 16 percent. Most subscriber growth for a new program takes place between days 31 and 90 after launch, which is when the marketing and social media efforts start to take effect.

To get the full report from Cellit, click here.