Cell Phone Usage Stats Are In, Apple & HTC Aren’t Even In Top 5

Cell Phone Usage Stats Are In, Apple and HTC Aren't Even In Top 5In a report published today by comScore, the top five mobile OEMs for mobile subscribers age 13+ were unveiled, with Apple and HTC nowhere in sight.  Interestingly, feature phones still dominate the landscape.

In the 3 month average ending in March, 234 million Americans age 13 and older were mobile subscribers, with device manufacturer Samsung ranking as the top OEM at a 21.9 percent share of U.S. mobile subscribers, inching out Motorola by a fraction of a percent. LG (21.8 percent share) ranked closely behind them, with RIM (8.3 percent share) and Nokia (8.3 percent share) rounding out the top five.

In terms of mobile operator share, Verizon still proves number one with 31.1% market share, followed by AT&T at 25.2%, though Verizon lost market share compared to Q1 2009 while AT&T showed a slight gain.

In terms of mobile content, SMS still reigns with 63.7 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers using text messaging on their mobile device, up 0.6 percentage points versus three months prior.   Browsers were used by 30.1 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers (up 2.6 percentage points), while subscribers who used downloaded applications made up 28.6 percent of the mobile audience (up 2.6 percentage points).

Access of social networking sites or blogs continued to increase, posting gains of 2.8 percentage points to 18.7 percent of mobile subscribers, showing the most improvement over any other type of mobile content.