Cedato Draws Praise for Open Video API for Customizable Native Video Experiences

Cedato is drawing attention to the launch of its Open Video API, which offers an easy programming interface for Cedato’s smart video player and a framework for rapidly developing native video advertising experiences.

According to a provided statement, Cedato’s Open Video API was designed to enable the company’s partners and customers to quickly build a whole range of new high quality, native video ad products with built-in fully-responsive support for any screen and device.

It provides “all the necessary building blocks” for customizing engaging advertising experiences with complete control over player initiation, signaling events, behavior, sound, and much more.

Cedato produced a set of unique native video ad units to showcase how easy it is to create and implement incremental native video within existing non-video content and feeds.

Cedato’s native video showcase can be found online and includes high viewability units such as In-content, Masthead, Expandable, Persistent, Parralax, Sidebar, Interstitial, and Corner ads.

“We’re thrilled to roll out our Open Video API. Being open, our industry-first platform provides publishers and programmatic advertisers with the building blocks to create their own native video ad units,” says Ron Dick, CEO of Cedato. “Our platform and API deliver the infrastructure for shaping original and engaging video experiences, assisting our partners in realizing new levels of creativity and effectiveness.”