CBS Gets Aggressive with “Big Brother” Mobile

Last night Big Brother returned to the delight of reality TV fans and CBS viewers around the world.

Hoping to capitalize on the resurgent popularity and excitement surrounding the new season, CBS is launching a multi-platform “Big Brother” mobile initiative.

CBS is now simulcasting every episode of the reality series to mobile handsets via FLO TV’s CBS Mobile Channel.

How does it all work?

A “Big Brother” fan like myself just had to find out.

Essentially, the coolest aspect is how subscribers can interact with the show through SMS.

But it’s only one of several impressive interactive features worth trying out if you’re a fan of the program. Despite how headlines summarize the endeavor as merely a convenient way to watch the show and get info on your phone, there’s really a lot more here, including:

* A variety of mini-games pertinent to the show
* Video clips and photo galleries
* A Twitter feed featuring real-time updates
* Live streaming video coverage from inside the Big Brother house
* Full-length episodes
* An online Big Brother Fantasy League

CBS has arguably come up with the most creative and aggressive mobile presence for a reality TV program on any network so far.

Definitely worth checking out.