CBN Campus Media, Blue Bite to Expand Campus mTAG Magnet Program

CBN Campus Media, Blue Bite to Expand Campus mTAG Magnet ProgramAccording to an announcement shared recently with and by the MMA, CBN Campus Media — a leading provider of integrated static and digital media products on college campuses — is working with Blue Bite to expand their partnership as they launch their Campus mTAG Magnet Program.

On the heels of an extremely successful pilot, the deployment will reach over 19,000 students on 20 campuses across the United States.

In 2013 CBN Campus Media partnered with Blue Bite to install multimedia advertising on 93 college campuses across the United States with the intent of extending target-based advertising on campuses into a new realm of mobile interaction for students.

As part of the broader Near Field Communication (NFC) and Quick Response (QR) enabled mTAG rollout across the 93 schools, they launched an mTAG Campus Refrigerator Magnet Program in 900 dedicated student housing units  across two university campuses.

According to the announcement, utilizing Blue Bite’s proprietary mTAG, students were given the opportunity to receive dynamic, daily interactive content “from the comfort of their dorms.”

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