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    Verizon Debuts iPhone Commercial Without the iPhone

    Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile operator in the United States, has debuted a new ad hyping the February arrival of Apple’s iPhone on its wireless network. The 30-second commercial portrays a variety of clocks ticking and counting down, all in anticipation of what is ultimately revealed as a nondescript iPhone 4 text overlay, followed by …   Read More

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    T-Mobile May Sell Some Assets to Help Raise Cash

    Despite the less than favorable tone of the headlines T-Mobile is receiving in the press today, the mobile operator is optimistic about its future and hopes to aggressively expand its efforts in the mobile realm this year. Consequently, T-Mobile USA is considering “selling its nonstrategic assets” – e.g., some of its older cellular towers, etc. …   Read More

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    Android Poised To Suffer From Verizon iPhone Push

    Verizon is gearing up for a major publicity push to herald the arrival of the iPhone on its network. In the coming days, the nation’s largest mobile operator will take to the web, print, and air with an elaborate PR campaign that, according to industry analysts, will likely impact smartphones running Android most severely. On …   Read More

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    Verizon iPhone Official, Available February 10th

    According to Lowell MacAdam, president and chief operating officer of Verizon, “if the press writes something long enough and hard enough, it eventually becomes true.” Following an introduction by McAdam, Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer, took the stage at Rose Hall inside New York City’s Lincoln Center on Tuesday morning to formally announce the …   Read More

  • Sling Media Subscription Service Coming to Verizon

    It turns out Verizon has a thing for Sling. On Monday, the largest mobile operator in the US announced forthcoming plans to roll out a new media subscription service fashioned in partnership with video place shifting products and services provider Sling Media. As a result of the offering, Verizon Wireless customers will gain the ability …   Read More

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    AT&T Stepping Up 4G LTE Efforts

    AT&T will be aggressively expanding its new LTE deployment goals for the year ahead. According to the nation’s second largest operator, the network will be “largely complete” by the end of 2013. AT&T, however, still plans to begin launching LTE services by the middle of this year. Details of initial markets, pricing, and rollout plans …   Read More

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    ESPN ID Gets ‘Bundled’ Up By Sprint

    ESPN is becoming a much bigger part of the Sprint family. This week, the sports media juggernaut announced it is the newest member of the Sprint ID app bundle program. As a result, sports fans will be privy to a customizable sports news and multimedia package serving up both free and premium content. Sprint ID …   Read More

  • AT&T Beaming New Wireless Services to Your Beamer

    AT&T has announced a new partnership with BMW that should add a few new sweet and safety-minded bells and whistles to your already sweet Beamer. With a stated goal to wirelessly deliver an enhanced suite of “safety and infotainment” services to future BMW models, AT&T is looking to build upon BMW’s existing portfolio of connected …   Read More

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    Bloomberg: Verizon iPhone Likely By Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day may be an extra sweet holiday for some next February 14th if reports Wednesday evening from Bloomberg prove to be true. The folks at AT&T, however, would likely have preferred to stick with the usual flowers and chocolates as the report indicates that Verizon and Apple will formally announce a mutual partnership that …   Read More

  • Mobile Operator Says It Processes Over 5,000 Mobile Banking Transactions Daily

    Mobile operator MTN Rwanda reports it’s now processing over 5,000 mobile money service transactions every day through the company’s “MTN Mobile Money” service. MTN Mobile Money was formally launched in February of this year and has already gained roughly 200,000 users and 286 agents across the country.  To use the service, the operator charges 250 …   Read More