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    T-Mobile Makes Impressive Gains

    Mobile momentum has shifted in T-Mobile’s favor. The nation’s fourth largest carrier is now firmly planted in the growth column following a long period of reinvention that finally appears to be paying off. On Thursday, the carrier reported earnings for the second quarter of 2014, confirming profit of $391 million. All told, it pleasantly caught …   Read More

  • AT&T Confirms Serious Mobile Security Breach

    Someone just reached out and touched AT&T in a way that was a bit too personal for some subscribers. The nation’s second largest wireless operator admits that sensitive customer information – personal info such as Social Security numbers and call records – was accessed during a security breach. An unknown number of AT&T Mobility subscribers …   Read More

  • Wireless Infrastructure Markets Ballooning Quickly, Data Shows

    On Wednesday in Scottsdale, Arizona, the team at ABI Research reported the latest data pointing to the escalating spending on RF power semiconductors for the wireless infrastructure markets. Other markets are seeing some moderation in growth as the global economic picture and political factors come into play but some sub-markets are showing a nice upside, …   Read More

  • Sprint Slapped with Massive FCC Fine for Do-Not-Call Violations

    Things are likely so quiet at Sprint today that you can probably hear a pin drop. This week, Sprint Corp. was ordered to pay a $7.5 million fine in a settlement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The penalty comes in response to supposed violations of the Do-Not-Call rule.   Read More

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    Verizon Fires Up XLTE Network

    The nation’s largest wireless carrier, Verizon, has signaled the green light for its new XLTE network, which effectively doubles download speeds for individuals with any number of current-generation and some legacy mobile devices from across the iOS and Android ecosystems. Verizon says XLTE represents the “next step in ensuring the very best high-speed data experience …   Read More

  • The Latest on AT&T's Decision to Dabble in DirecTV

    AT&T, the nation’s second largest wireless operator, is moving ahead with plans to acquire satellite television operator DirecTV. The value of the purchase is $48.5 billion. With a customer base topping 35 million subscribers, DirecTV knows what it means to be No. 2, as well. The company remains the second-largest pay TV provider in the …   Read More

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    Which Carrier is Tops for Tablet Growth?

    MMW was privy to an advance look at Strategy Analytics’ new Wireless Operator Strategies (WOS) service report, which estimates that tablets with mobile broadband subscriptions using 3G and 4G LTE will grow more than five times in the next five years. All told, tablets will reach nearly 250 million people in 2018 at a global …   Read More

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    AT&T Aims to Mobilize the Sky

    AT&T, the nation’s second largest mobile carrier, thinks the sky’s the limit. For that reason, the company announced plans this week to launch a high-speed 4G LTE-based in-flight connectivity service for airlines and passengers in commercial, business and general aviation. Few details are known beyond the stated objective to launch the service in late 2015.   Read More

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    FCC Green Lights AT&T's Acquisition of Leap Wireless

    On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission officially sanctioned AT&T’s acquisition of Leap Wireless. Last summer, AT&T confirmed plans to acquire prepaid-wireless company Leap Wireless International. AT&T said it will absorb the company behind the Cricket brand for approximately $1.19 billion in cash. Ostensibly, the deal was intended to kick-start the carrier’s expansion into the low-cost …   Read More