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    Nielsen: Android Tops iOS And RIM As Top Mobile OS In The U.S.

    According to new research published by Nielsen today, Android has officially taken the number one spot in terms of mobile OS usage in the United States. Android now holds a 29 percent share of the market, while both iOS and RIM’s Blackberry stand at 27 percent each.  Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 devices account …   Read More

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    Windows Phone Marketplace Hits 9,000 Apps, But Will The Momentum Last?

    Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace has hit yet another mini-milestone today with the announcement it’s hit 9,000 total apps, after hitting 6,500 just last month. On this track, the marketplace will likely hit the 10,000 mark by mid-March, and grow even faster over the next couple months as Microsoft is now allowing developers to submit 100 …   Read More

  • Nokia Under Fire For Being ‘Paid Off’ By Microsoft to Push Windows Phone Platform

    Leading mobile phone maker Nokia is drawing widespread criticism from its new strategic partnership with Microsoft. Announced Friday ahead of the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Nokia will be compensated “billions of dollars” from Microsoft in return for Nokia pushing the adoption of the Windows Phone platform. Although the ethics of …   Read More

  • Amazon Brings Mobile Shopping App to Windows Phone 7

    Amazon is reaching into new mobile territory with the announced launch of its hugely popular mobile shopping application for the new Windows Phone 7. The familiar app, which enables Amazon loyalists to shop on Amazon.com directly from their mobile device, has been re-designed specifically for Windows Phone 7. The app displays all of a product’s …   Read More

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    2011 To Become The Year Of The Smartphone?

    While 2011 has unofficially been branded many things, such as the “year of the tablet,” there’s also reason to believe that 2011 will also become the “year of the smartphone.” When Verizon Wireless announced its Q4 earnings earlier this week it said that only 26% of its 94 million subscribers are smartphone users.  Interestingly though, …   Read More

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    Millennial Media Releases Mobile Advertising SDK For Windows Phone 7 Platform

    Millennial Media recently announced in a blog post the availability of a new mobile advertising SDK tailored for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform. “Although we have been providing monetization services for current Windows Mobile developers, we have now extended a toolkit for developers to much more easily integrate ads into their applications, while providing rich …   Read More

  • Microsoft Partners with MACH for Windows Phone 7 Mobile Billing

    Microsoft sees “windows” of opportunity thro9ugh its new partnership with MACH. This week, MACH, a provider of hub-based mobile communication solutions – announced that Microsoft has selected its Direct Billing Gateway (DBG) solution for Windows Phone 7 applications and content billing. According to Todd Brix, Senior Director, Windows Phone Marketplace, the partnership represents Microsoft’s commitment …   Read More

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    comScore Reports One Third of US Subscribers Actively Use Mobile Apps

    According to the latest figures from comScore, mobile app usage among US subscribers is on the rise. In November 2010, better than one-third of all US subscribers actively used a downloaded mobile application. That figure represents a 1.1% increase over mobile app usage during the previous three months. When consideration is taken of the similar …   Read More

  • Windows Phone Market Gains 100 New Apps Daily

    The digital app world is growing at an exponential rate. No one knows this better than the folks at Microsoft, who report that the Windows Phone Marketplace gains one-hundred new applications every twenty-four hours. At this rate, it’s easy to understand how close to six-thousand applications optimized for Windows Phone 7 smartphones have already been …   Read More