• Report: Windows Phone to See Industry Leading Growth Through 2017

    It’s a headline that Microsoft is certainly happy about. But when you probe deeper into the new estimates from Analysys Mason, the growth projected won’t necessarily put the Windows Phone on pace to topple the likes of iOS and Android in the smartphone world. According to the report in question, the Windows Phone will become …   Read More

  • Microsoft Touts In-App Purchasing Only Through Windows 8

    Microsoft has certainly left the tech world talking about the company’s forthcoming slate of smartphones and tablets, all of which will be powered by the revamped Windows 8 platform. As we get closer to launch, new details are beginning to come to light about Microsoft’s plans for the platform. We can now confirm that Microsoft …   Read More

  • Microsoft Confirms Windows 8 Coming in October

    We knew it was coming. But now we known when. Earlier this morning, Microsoft officially kicked off its Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto with some exciting news. According to Microsoft VP and Windows CFO Tami Reller, Windows 8 is coming… in late October. The operating system, however, will be released to manufacturers in early August, …   Read More

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    First Look: Microsoft’s New Windows Phone 8 Dubbed The ‘iPhone Killer’

    As widely expected, Microsoft today gave the world its first look and the hotly anticipated and long-rumored features of the new Windows Phone 8, which will formally launch this fall with the new Windows Surface tablet. Based on the first impressions reported across the tech blogophere, Microsoft may have developed a true “iPhone killer” with …   Read More

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    Is Microsoft Closing in on Android and iOS?

    Microsoft may not be lagging as far behind Android as it might otherwise appear. Writing for the Flurry Blog, Peter Farago says Microsoft is on the verge of major announcements that could propel the struggling smartphone player into a more competitive posturing against the likes of iOS and Android. So why the renewed interest in …   Read More

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    IDC Projects Windows to Top iOS Within Four Years

    It’s a difficult reality to image today. But by 2016, the Windows Phone platform may top iOS in global smartphone shipments. That’s the new – and very bold – projection from market research giant IDC. On Wednesday, IDC published an insightful new report suggesting that the worldwide mobile phone market will grow slightly more than …   Read More

  • Millennial Media Touts New Windows Phone SDK

    In recent months, market optimism has swooped into give myriad developers, investors, and mobile users alike fresh incentive to revisit the Windows Phone platform. To that end, this week Millennial Media announced a new Windows Phone SDK. Raising the hype for talk that the Windows Phone is the next big monetization opportunity for mobile app …   Read More

  • ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Gets The Mobile App Treatment

    In what will likely be the biggest box office draw of the summer and possibly one of the highest grossing films in history, “Dark Knight Rises” has been one of the most eagerly anticipated films of the season. And now, it’s about to get the mobile app treatment. This week, Warner Bros. unveiled an attractive …   Read More

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    More Bad News for BlackBerry, Windows Phone in Ovum Smartphone Industry Projections

    According to a new report published Thursday by Ovum, smartphones will outperform the overall market for mobile phones, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 24.9% between 2011-17. If that projection manifests, it will mean that smartphone shipments will reach 1.7 billion units by 2017. Predictions show Android as the dominant operating system over …   Read More

  • Facebook Getting ‘Sexier’ in Windows Phone App Overhaul

    As it turns out, Facebook wasn’t finished making headlines with Microsoft yesterday when the social networking giant agreed to purchase some $550 million worth of patents and other intellectual properties from Microsoft. Today, we’re learning that Facebook’s deal with Microsoft has only just begun. Facebook says it will soon unveil version 2.5 of its hugely …   Read More