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    Windows Making Surprising Smartphone Gains on iOS, Android

    The latest research from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech suggests that Windows continues to make steady gains in the smartphone market. Despite accounting for just 5.6% of smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2013, Kantar finds, Windows showed continued growth, gaining 1.9% compared to the same period last year. With nearly half (49.3%) of smartphone sales, …   Read More

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    Wine Makes Introduction of Android to Windows Apps

    Over the weekend, software that enables Windows apps to run on Android devices came to light in a fascinating demonstration at the Fosdem 2013 open source conference. A freshly touted new version of the Wine compatibility layer that allows Windows software to run on Unix-like operating systems was demoed running on Android. Wine, if you’re …   Read More

  • Google Confirms Extension of Exchange ActiveSync Support for Windows Phone

    The window hasn’t been slammed shut on Windows phone users just yet. Following recent confirmation that it would end consumer support for Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync protocol on January 30th (yesterday), Google reconsidered the matter. As a result, Google is pushing the cutoff date to late summer in a move that will allow mobile users to …   Read More

  • Microsoft Releases Update for Windows Phone 7.8 SDK

    Microsoft has just released its Windows Phone SDK update for Windows Phone 7.8. The optional update adds two new Windows Phone 7.8 emulator images to your existing SDK installation. “These two emulator images,” writes Cliff Simpkins on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, “should enable you to fully test how your Windows Phone 7.5 app’s Live …   Read More

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    Video: Microsoft Says New App is Critical in Emergencies

    Writing for the Windows Phone Blog this week, Michael Stroh – a technology writer and member of the engineering teams that created both Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 – conjured frightening memories that remain all too fresh in the minds of millions of people. “When Hurricane Sandy mowed over the East Coast last year …   Read More

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    Source Tells MMW that Mobile Security is Apple’s ‘Highest Priority’ with iPhone 5S

    A source close to Apple’s Asian manufacturing and supply chain tells Mobile Marketing Watch today that improving mobile security means everything to Apple as it readies its next iPhone refresh. While the source can’t confirm the inclusion of Near Field Communications technology on the refreshed handset, he does assert that published reports this week about …   Read More

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    U.S. Department of Defense Secures Deal with Microsoft

    The United States Department of Defense is securing its staff with Microsoft’s Windows 8, Office 2013, and SharePoint 2013 Enterprise. Although Windows 8 hasn’t exactly become the biggest hit with consumers yet, The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is already signing up 75 percent of all DoD personnel. From the official announcement:   Read More

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    iOS Secures 35% of U.S. Smartphone Market

    Apple’s iOS platform saw its U.S. market share climb during the fall of 2012. comScore indicated in its latest published data from the comScore MobiLens service that Apple claimed 35 percent of the U.S. smartphone market in Nov. 2012, the most recent month for which this data is available. Though still lagging behind industry leader …   Read More

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    Mobile Goes Underground for MTA Commuters in the Big Apple

    2013 will bring with it some major changes for public transportation in New York City. The Metropolitan Transit Authority is going mobile with a new iOS app that allows riders of seven train lines to plan their trips in a more detailed fashion than ever imaginable before. Hailed as a “first for the largest subway …   Read More

  • Microsoft Enjoyed Banner Year for Windows Phone Apps

    2012 was a remarkable year in many ways for Microsoft in the mobile space. Although Android and iOS haven’t exactly been put out of business yet, the formal launch of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 has been met by a considerable amount of enthusiasm from the developer community. On Wednesday, Todd Brix, Microsoft’s Senior …   Read More