• Samsung Says Smaller Tablet Really is Coming Soon

    Last week, MMW reported that Samsung is planning to challenge tech rival Apple by launching a new tablet fashioned to compete with the iPad mini. The “Galaxy Note 8.0,” which will deliver most of the features found on Samsung’s GalNote 10.1, was confirmed Monday by Samsung Mobile vice president JK Shin. According to the latest …   Read More

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    Sprint Announces Further Expansion of 4G LTE Network

    Sprint’s 4G LTE network is growing at a significant pace in this new year. On Thursday, the nation’s third largest mobile operator announced that 28 additional cities have been added to the 4G fold. According to information released to the public today, Sprint says new markets where the 4G LTE network is now available include:   Read More

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    Apple Announces iPad News from Beijing

    On Tuesday (local Beijing time), Apple announced the much-anticipated and long-awaited launch of the cellular-capable iPad mini and iPad 4. Although the Wi-Fi versions of both Apple devices have been available for weeks inside of China, a number of regulatory hurdles had to be jumped before Apple could roll out the Wi-Fi + Cellular versions …   Read More

  • CES 2013 Invigorates The Camcorder

    In the old days, there used to be these things called camcorders that people would take with them to capture video at family functions, sporting events, and other occasions worth preserving for posterity. Of course, once the standard smartphone began delivering HD photo capture and video recording capabilities, a single mobile device was all most …   Read More

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    AT&T Lights Up 4G LTE Across Five More States

    Christmas came early this week for residents in five major markets across five states. This morning, AT&T customers in the following markets are waking up to 4G LTE cellular network coverage in their neck of the woods: Oxford, Mississippi Tucson, Arizona Melbourne, Florida Springfield, Massachusetts Green Bay, Wisconsin   Read More

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    AT&T Flips Switch on 4G LTE In Major New Markets

    Capping off a week of 4G LTE network activations across the U.S., AT&T this morning flipped the switch on a number of key new markets. All told, in recent days, AT&T has turned on its 4G LTE network in two dozen new markets. If you haven’t heard or are located within the vicinity of the …   Read More

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    Verizon Wireless Flips Switch on More 4G LTE Network Spots

    Verizon Wireless subscribers in Wheeling West Virginia and St. Clairsville, Ohio will have something extra to be thankful for next week on Thanksgiving. Verizon Wireless announced Thursday that its 4G LTE network is coming to the above locations… today. Verizon Wireless customers in the area will be able to experience the speed and capabilities offered …   Read More

  • BBM Voice Shakes Up Mobile Experience Over Wi-Fi

    BlackBerry Messenger (or BBM for short) is out with a new feature that is poised to improve upon a user’s social experience in a key way. For the times when you want to hear a friend’s laughter instead of reading LOL, BlackBerry says, BBM is taking the social networking experience to a whole new level …   Read More

  • AT&T Expands FaceTime Over Cellular to More iPhone Owners

    On Thursday, AT&T confirmed plans to become “less strict” regarding user access to the FaceTime video chat feature made possible through Apple’s iPhone over cellular – a feature that left Wi-Fi only territory with the update to iOS 6. Before the announcement, AT&T had limited FaceTime over cellular to subscribers with shared data plans. “AT&T …   Read More

  • ABI Says Wi-Fi Enabled Device Shipments Spike in 2012

    According to the latest data and corresponding projections put forward by ABI today, the number of Wi-Fi enabled devices shipped in 2012 will likely surpass 1.5 billion. ABI says that growth is taking place across many markets including mobile handsets, laptops, media tablets, printers, TVs, and automotive. “Since 2009 over 9 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices …   Read More