• MMA and IAB Seek Public Comment on ‘Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines’

    With the goal of simplifying the development of ad units across the industry, the Mobile Marketing Association and the Interactive Advertising Bureau have released “Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines” for public comment. “With mobile in constant state of evolution and iteration, it is imperative that we provide clarity on how to effectively and strategically integrate mobile …   Read More

  • RIM Planning Bold Post-BB10 Move?

    In recent months, MMW has reported the many ways in which Research in Motion is embarking on a serious comeback. But with the new BlackBerry 10 product line scheduled to be unveiled in just a matter of days on January 30, speculation is mounting that RIM may simply use the momentum of a hot new …   Read More

  • New App Developer Guidelines Come from Sesame Street

    Mobile app developers long past their childhood days may once again be singing: “can you tell me how to get… how to get to Sesame Street?” As part of an ongoing industry-wide effort to foster more kid-friendly apps for the iPad, the nonprofit group that also happens to produce the beloved children’s series “Sesame Street” …   Read More

  • eBay Touts ‘Biggest Mobile Shopping Day’

    New information is surfacing about eBay’s mobile shopping successes this holiday shopping season. As it turns out, 2012 has already delivered eBay’s biggest mobile shopping day in company history. This week, news came to light that December 9th was eBay’s “biggest mobile shopping day” ever.   Read More

  • Juniper Finds Augmented Reality Apps Highly Popular, Profitable

    There’s no fantasy behind augmented reality after all, at least not in terms of the revenue generated by AR apps. A new report from Juniper Research shows that augmented reality capabilities within a brand’s apps and marketing materials are increasingly popular and profitable. All told, AR applications will generate close to $300 million in revenues …   Read More

  • MMA Challenges Conventional Thinking on Mobile Marketing With Groundbreaking Initiative

    On Wednesday, the MMA announced the findings of a recently commissioned study that challenges marketers and agencies to “look deeper at how they are allocating billions of ad dollars in their marketing mix.” Conducted with the assistance of Marketing Evolution, the study concludes that the optimized level of spend on mobile advertising for U.S. marketers …   Read More

  • mPayments to Top $1.3 Trillion by 2017

    Another day, another bold estimate for where mobile payments are heading. The scale of global mobile payment transactions is expected to rise nearly fourfold over the next five years to more than $1.3 trillion, Juniper Research says. “Mobile Payments Strategies: NFC, Remote Purchases & Money Transfer 2012-2017” presents the view that this anticipated growth will …   Read More

  • Juniper Projects 300 Percent Growth in In-App Mobile Ad Spend

    According to the projections contained inside of a new report from Juniper Research, in-app advertising spend across all mobile devices will reach $7.1 billion by 2015. That’s up substantially from $2.4 billion in 2012. “The increasing spend on in-app ads will be driven by greater use of rich media in ads allied to greater app …   Read More

  • Juniper Projects Record New Highs for Mobile Games and Infotainment Revenue

    A new report from Juniper Research is boldly projecting the revenue potential of mobile games and general infotainment in the coming years. Juniper has found that strong growth amongst games and infotainment applications, in part fostered by a burgeoning consumer tablet market, will push mobile entertainment revenues to more than $65 billion annually within four …   Read More

  • Juniper Publishes ‘Mobile Money Transfer & Remittances’ Study

    Juniper is “banking” on turning some heads with its newest report, aptly titled “Mobile Money Transfer & Remittances.” According to Juniper’s latest research, the number of consumers using mobile handsets to make P2P (Person to Person) domestic money transfers will reach 340 million by 2016, up from 84 million last year. The study in question …   Read More