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    Mobile Video Consumption Still Dominated by iOS

    According to a new report from Ooyala, a web video provider, two thirds of mobile-based traffic on its network comes from Apple’s iPhone. Android devices, on the other hand, only account for approximately one third. These details emerge as the facts confirm 2012 was a banner year for tablet and mobile video video – a …   Read More

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    Mobile Video Consumption Exploded at Year’s End

    Video monetization firm FreeWheel says that 12 percent of all online videos viewed in Q4 2012 were watched on smartphones or tablet computers. Presented in their newest annual Video Monetization Report, FreeWheel says mobile video consumption was just 2% in Q4 2011. Not surprisingly, Apple devices continue to dominate video viewing with a 60% of …   Read More

  • Mobile, Online Video Stats That Boggle The Mind

    We all know that mobile video is a huge force to be reckoned with across all media today, but a new list of mind-boggling stats compiled by AdAge puts the power of modern mobile and online video into perspective. “Online audiences chose to watch video ads at a rate of more than 150 per second …   Read More

  • IAB Finds That Mobile Videos Are Hottest at Home

    On Thursday, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence released “The IAB Mobile Phone Video Diaries.” Based on the research conducted and presented by the IAB, 63 percent of digital video screening on mobile phones isn’t necessarily mobile. As it turns out, all of these videos are being watched at home. …   Read More

  • MMA Taking Mobile Video Standards Very Seriously

    The Mobile Marketing Association is getting serious on standards, especially when they pertain to mobile video. The MMA is currently establishing a new mobile video committee to “review current standards and develop best practices for mobile video advertising and measurement.” Media Post covered MMA’s latest efforts in this regard on Wednesday in an interview with …   Read More

  • YouTube Mobile Views Up 400% in Under Two Years

    In less than two years, YouTube has seen it’s rate of videos consumed on mobile devices climb some 400%. According to YouTube executive Robert Kyncl, views from mobile devices now represent a full quarter of views on the popular video-sharing platform. “We’re experiencing a massive consumer shift,” Kyncl said at a conference this week. “Mobile …   Read More

  • comScore Underscores Rapid Growth of Online Video Consumption

    On Tuesday, comScore released data from the comScore Video Metrix service. The findings draw attention to the runaway momentum of online video consumption. According to the information presented by comScore, 182 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in December 2011. That’s averages out to more than 23 hours per viewer. The total U.S. …   Read More

  • Mobile, Online Video Release Brings Big Bucks to Comic Louis CK

    The 12 days of Christmas were particularly good to comedian Louis CK. This week, the popular actor and stand-up comedian illustrated exactly how and why video can be so profitable. Imbued with the idea that consumers are always more than willing to cough up a small amount of money for digital content that comes from …   Read More

  • 3Seventy MobileMinute: Why QR Codes are so Misunderstood and Poorly Executed

    Today we continue 3Seventy’s “MobileMinute” weekly video series, where Andy Kennedy takes on the topic of QR codes. For frequent readers of MMW you know that we’ve always had mixed feelings on QR codes.  While the concept is more than promising and adoption is only getting stronger, a majority of the implementations we see today translate to …   Read More