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    Department of Homeland Security Warns of Android’s Malware Problem

    A new report from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is drawing attention to Android’s lingering mobile security concerns. According to the report’s findings, Google’s platform still accounts for the vast majority of mobile malware. “Android is the world’s most widely used mobile operating system (OS) and continues to be a primary target for malware …   Read More

  • Nokia to End Symbian Smartphone Shipments

    Marking the official end of an era in smartphones, Nokia will reported stop shipping Symbian smartphones in the coming months. Although the Finnish smartphone maker confirmed last January that PureView 808 would be the last Symbian smartphone the company would produce, this is the first we’re hearing of the total cessation of Symbian smartphone shipments …   Read More

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    Infographic: SMS Marketing Forecast

    Infonetics forecasts the mobile services market will grow to $976 billion by 2016, led by mobile broadband. According to the information presented in a new infographic shared below, by 2016, Android will represent 54% of smartphones in the mobile market. Apple will claim just 22%. Lagging behind Android and iOS will be Blackberry and Windows, …   Read More

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    Android Now Powers Majority of Smartphones in China

    It’s no small achievement for Google’s Android mobile operating system. Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reports that Android now powers north of 50% of all smartphones in the massive Chinese mobile marketplace. At the end of March 2013, Android controlled 51.4% of the Chinese smartphone market.   Read More

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    Android Fast Becoming a Cesspool for Malware

    More bad news for Google’s little green robot. In fact, may have finally figured out why he’s green – he’s sick with malware. According to the presented findings of F-Secure‘s latest Mobile Threat Report, there’s been a drop in malware targeting the Symbian platform, representing just four percent of all mobile threats detected in Q4 …   Read More

  • Nokia Stops Production of Symbian Devices

    It’s the end of an era at Nokia. On Thursday, as the company released its earnings, a subtle but significant revelation came with the news today. Nokia is finished with Symbian. Nokia confirmed that the 2012 release of the 808 PureView was the last stand for Symbian from Nokia. “During our transition to Windows Phone …   Read More

  • Google Wallet Seeing Double as Platform Continues to Expand

    The Google Wallet app has grown faster than most had initially expected. Following the release two weeks ago of a new Google Wallet app that supports all credit and debit cards, Google said Thursday that usage has more than doubled already. “Consumers have immediately grasped the benefit of being able to use any card when …   Read More

  • Report: NFC is Happening with New iPhone

    Near Field Communications technology will be present on the 6th generation Apple iPhone, which is now widely expected to reach consumers next month. Late last night, Chinese news site Apple.pro published what allegedly appear to be photos of the new iPhone in assembly. And a new component never observed in previous models is being taken …   Read More

  • PayPal Brings Mobile Wallet to New Retail Partners

    On Friday, PayPal announced a new line-up of retail partners for its mobile wallet service. “It’s been two months since I was given the opportunity to lead PayPal and I’ve never been more excited about the future of commerce and PayPal’s opportunity to help shape it,” writes PayPal president David Marcus. At an event at …   Read More

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    Is Apple Getting Into The Stylus Business?

    Apple has designs on a new stylus that could change the way users engage with iOS devices. According to a new report from Apple Insider, Apple is working on a new optical stylus and a handheld pointer with haptic feedback. “One embodiment of a haptic input device may include a receiver configured to receive a …   Read More