• EZ Texting CEO Fires Back at CTIA Over its SMS Short Code Auditing

    On Friday we told you about a new initiative by CTIA to audit all SMS short codes for regulation compliance.  While it sounds like an initiative aimed at the betterment of the industry in general, a closer look reveals just how unfair and unrealistic the audit really is. To understand exactly what CTIA is trying …   Read More

  • Details are Critical For a Successful Mobile Campaign

    The following is a guest post by Paul Faherty, Managing Partner at Text2VIP, an Atlantic City based Text Message Marketing Firm. I believe the foundation for growth and longevity in the SMS channel of Mobile Marketing is ensuring that content remains relevant, timely, respectable and informative.  It’s with this in mind, I would submit that a …   Read More

  • 4 Reasons Why Spammers Love Long Codes

    The following is the weekly guest series by Derek Johnson, Founder & CEO of SMS marketing provider Tatango. You can text him at (206) 334-4012 or email him at derek@tatango.com. There’s been a lot of noise lately in the mobile marketing industry about long codes, some are even questioning if these will be the death of short codes. …   Read More

  • Juniper Research Projects Mobile Payments Industry to Triple in Value in Four Years

    The 4th of July may be over, but major fireworks are ahead for the mobile payments industry according to a new report from Juniper Research. Juniper estimates that he total value of mobile payments for digital and physical goods, money transfers and NFC (Near Field Communications) transactions will hit $670 billion by 2015 – a …   Read More

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    AT&T and Sprint Suspend Controversial SMS Campaign Codes

    AT&T and Sprint have effectively joined Verizon in their respective moves to suspend SMS campaign codes that are affiliated with Jawa, one of the controversial companies cited by Verizon Wireless in a lawsuit accusing Jawa of SMS subscriber fraud. Verizon claims Jawa (and two additional companies: Cylon and EyeLevel Holdings) have been actively defrauding Verizon …   Read More

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    Verizon Taking Aim at Premium SMS Fraud

    This week Verizon Wireless filed suit in hopes of bringing to an end a reportedly fraudulent scheme perpetrated on wireless subscribers through premium SMS campaigns. Verizon is asking the U.S. District Court of Arizona “to put an immediate stop to the activities.” With help from Verizon in their own investigation, the Texas Attorney General also …   Read More

  • The Miami Dolphins Go Mobile in New Partnership with Txtstation

    The Miami Dolphins are looking to score big with their freshly announced partnership with Txtstation Mobile Marketing. The pair will work together throughout the upcoming 2011-12 football season in an effort to help the team foster closer relationships with their fanbase. Txtstation will work to help make this possible by harnessing the instant interaction that …   Read More

  • The Death Of The Short Code – Are We On The Verge Of Reviving The “Long Code?”

    Group Texting, a company that does exactly what its name implies, published an interesting blog post recently entitled “The Death of the Short Code” in which it details the many disadvantages of short codes and how “long codes” — or so-called “virtual phone numbers” — overcome many of the barriers short codes present. “The major …   Read More