• Vibes Takes a Fresh Look at SMS Short Code and Traffic Management

    Moments ago at the 2014 Mobile Marketing Association Forum in New York, Vibes – a thriving provider of mobile marketing technologies – announced a new division called Vibes Connect. MMW was briefed on the new division by a representative from Vibes who tells us that the effort is designed to address the increase in demand …   Read More

  • Comic Relief Gets Serious About SMS

    Comic Relief, the United Kingdom-based charity that uses entertainment to raise money to wage war on poverty, took a serious turn this week, at least with regard to its use of mobile technology to assist in its fundraising efforts. On Wednesday, Comic Relief confirmed it will focus heavily on mobile and, in particular, SMS mobile …   Read More

  • VIDEO: MMW’s Emergency Webinar for Mobile Marketers

    This week, the FCC will begin enforcing a strict new set of rules poised to profoundly impact how mobile marketing is done. For that reason, last Thursday Mobile Marketing Watch, along with our sister sites mHealthWatch and mGamingWatch, hosted an emergency webinar for marketers and related professionals across numerous industries who must urgently educate themselves …   Read More

  • 4 Must Do’s For Excellent SMS Client Service

    The following article is a guest contributed post from Kane Russell, VP of Marketing at Waterfall Mobile. With spending on SMS marketing looking to double from roughly $4 billion in 2013 to more than $8 billion by 2016, SMS client service holds paramount importance. Without an effective service strategy, SMS campaigns will become non-compliant and …   Read More

  • SMS Campaign Helps Seattle Sun Tan Soak Up Big Revenues

    SMS and sun tans are a perfect summertime pair. That much is clear from the abundant success touted this week by Seattle Sun Tan, a 35-location tanning salon located in Washington state. A recent SMS campaign designed to connect with the company’s ever-increasing mobile reliant customers proved not only effective, but stunningly profitable. “When looking …   Read More

  • 5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Smart for Small Businesses

    If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably no stranger to the vast array of digital resources at your disposal for connecting with current and prospective customers. Unquestionably, the advent of smartphones and tablets has delivered what are now the most powerful tools in the marketing arsenal of many small businesses. Correspondingly, the value of …   Read More

  • The Biggest Lie SMS Providers Tell Their Clients

    The following is a guest post by Derek Johnson, Founder & CEO of SMS marketing provider Tatango. You can text him at (206) 334-4012 or email him at derek@tatango.com. Want to know what the biggest lie an SMS provider will tell you as a client? It’s that you can’t take your SMS subscriber database to …   Read More

  • SMS Marketing Comes of Age at mobileStorm

    For more than a decade, mobileStorm has been an industry-leading provider of email, mobile, and social communication tools and technologies for a host of diverse industries and behemoth brands. And now, mobileStorm’s SMS marketing is finally coming of age. In the modern era of mobile gaming, mobileStorm wants to do its part to support responsible …   Read More

  • Dealing with Short Code Probation

    The following is a guest post by Greg Hickman, a mobile marketing consultant and founder of MobileMixed.com. Hello and welcome to the phone company’s new business line setup department. We’re happy to help you get started and set up a new phone line for your business but even though you’re new here we’re putting you …   Read More

  • New mobileStorm Webinar Shows Businesses how to Begin Leveraging SMS Marketing

    The team over at mobileStorm is holding a new webinar with the aim of showing businesses how to begin leveraging SMS marketing.  From building your initial SMS database, to the various campaigns you can run using SMS, to the ins and outs of carrying out your campaigns from start to finish. The webinar aims to …   Read More