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    Greystripe CEO Responds To iAd Announcement; “Raises More Questions Than Answers”

    Ever since Apple’s iAd announcement yesterday, many have questioned whether the lack of Flash is going to dilute the effectiveness and long-term viability of the platform, and what it means for the future of mobile advertising on Apple’s devices. One such person with a keen interest is Greystripe CEO Michael Chang, who yesterday released a …   Read More

  • Apple Equals No Flash, Ever, So What Now?

    Today at Apple’s iPhone OS 4 announcement, there was the predictable and laughable lack of Flash inclusion once again for the fourth-gen OS.  Though Apple’s new iAd mobile advertising platform will be based on HTML5, where does it leave the rest of the ad-world who does use the seemingly ubiquitous technology? After the event, during …   Read More

  • What Happened To Proximity Marketing?

    I’ve always been intrigued with the concept of proximity marketing, but a perceived lack of interest in the U.S has made any news or advancements in the technology all but lost in the shuffle.  To me the concept provides a unique and inexpensive opportunity for marketers, but there has to be underlying factors prohibiting its …   Read More

  • …..Seriously?

    We here at MMW strive to answer any questions you may have or give guidance in pertinent segments of mobile technology, advertising and marketing to all who request it, but every now and then we receive emails from readers that are just too good not...

  • Where’s The Emphasis On Hyperlocal Mobile Marketing?

    While we all understand the benefits of mobile marketing on a large-scale, why then does the concept of hyperlocal mobile marketing seem to always get lost in the mix? I live in a small town, filled with small businesses and business-owners locked in to legacy ideals when it comes to marketing.  The thought of targeting …   Read More

  • Survey: Users Prefer “Web Brands” Over Carrier Services

    I’ve long said that carriers continually miss the boat in terms of leveraging their position to capitalize on mobile marketing and advertising, and a new survey reinforces my stance even further. CSS Insight, in its most recent survey, indicates that most consumers ignore the services offered by wireless carriers in favor of more familiar names …   Read More

  • Why Is Mobile Marketing & Advertising So Hard To Measure?

    One of the biggest complaints coming from those involved in mobile marketing and advertising — and those sitting on the sidelines — is the lack of tools to properly measure the effectiveness of mobile ads.  It’s one of the largest inhibitors for brands leery of the concept, and a primary roadblock that has to be overcome…but how? …   Read More

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    Why Carriers Need To Operate Like Visa or MasterCard

    Ok, I will admit I have never worked for a carrier and I don’t know their future plans for mobile commerce, but I do know one thing:  carriers love money and they do a good job at taking way too much of it. Yes, premium SMS is a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s made a …   Read More

  • When Will Wireless Carriers Wake Up And Smell The Opportunity?

    It’s no secret that the mobile ecosystem has shifted indefinitely from the days of providing simple voice and text capabilities to a new world immersed in mobile data, full Web functionality, advanced devices and endless possibilities.  With innovative startups and third-party mobile providers already hitting the ground running in terms of utilizing mobile’s bright future, the backbone …   Read More