• Nokia Bolting From Mobile Money Business

    Word broke early Tuesday that Nokia, the world’s biggest mobile handset maker in terms of unit shipments, is shuttering its mobile financial services business. The closure will reportedly include a freshly launched Nokia Money service in India. The reason given for the exodus, which won’t be immediate, is a renewed commitment by Nokia to focus …   Read More

  • Nokia to Shutter Ovi Share This Spring

    On Monday, word quickly spread that Nokia is planning to shut down its Ovi Share media sharing site. The closure, as of this writing, is planned for late May. The reasoning for the closure is being pinned on a business decision that will reportedly allow the embattled device maker to dedicate more energy and resources …   Read More

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    Service2Media Announces Partnership with Nokia to Cultivate Windows Phone Apps

    Windows phone apps have a long way to go in order to catch up to iOS and Android apps in terms of their numbers and general popularity. Despite trailing its competitors, the Windows Phone platform is still growing. In December of 2011, for example, the platform grew by a daily average of 265 apps. By …   Read More

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    Netbiscuits: Smartphone Fragmentation Abounds, Mobile HTML5 Features Still Largely Unsupported

    Mobile publishing and marketing provider Netbiscuits today published its latest Mobile Metrics Report in which it details the continued problem of mass fragmentation with smartphones, in addition to the lack of HTML5 adoption despite the recent hype. The company says it processes¬†more than 8.5 billion mobile pages and content items through its platform each month, …   Read More

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    What Percentage of Mobile Apps are Localized?

    In its latest report, mobile analytics firm Distimo details the localization of mobile apps and mobile app stores to try and find the percentage of apps that are only popular in one specific country or region, as well as those that are popular on a global level. The report shows that 27% of the most …   Read More