• Nokia Sends ‘Here’ to Apple’s iOS App Store

    As MMW reported last week, Nokia has just introduced a little something called “Here,” which is being hailed as “the first location cloud to deliver the world’s best maps and location experiences across multiple screens and operating systems.” The embattled smartphone giant is ramping up its available array of products and services as a means …   Read More

  • Veteran Nokia Smartphone Marketing Boss Bolts From Company

    Nokia’s marketing executive for smartphones is gone. As of Tuesday, the 15-year veteran named Ilari Nurmi has relinquished his role as head of product marketing for smartphones. His departure, press reports confirm, comes one month “after misleading marketing materials about a new Lumia model made headlines.”   Read More

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    Digia Confirms Surprise Acquisition of Qt From Nokia

    It was confirmed late Thursday that Digia has acquired Qt from mobile phone maker Nokia for an undisclosed sum. According to a report from Reuters last night, analysts said the deal came at a fraction of the $150 million Nokia paid for Norway’s Trolltech in 2008. Digia now becomes responsible for all the Qt activities …   Read More

  • Exactly How Bad Are Things Inside Nokia?

    Nokia is definitely “connecting people”… with the unemployment line. As Mobile Marketing Watch reported earlier today, mobile phone giant Nokia tried to put its best face forward Thursday by announcing the acquisition of Sweden-based Scalado. The purchase will supposedly help strengthen Nokia’s imaging assets. But taking the good news with the bad news, Nokia also …   Read More

  • Nokia Confirms Acquisition of Scalado

    Mobile tech giant Nokia isn’t wasting any time making improvements that will help boost the company’s investment in the Windows mobile platform. In terms of smart devices, Nokia plans to extend its strategy by broadening the price range of Lumia and continuing to differentiate with the Windows Phone platform, new materials, new technologies and location-based …   Read More

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    IDC Projects Windows to Top iOS Within Four Years

    It’s a difficult reality to image today. But by 2016, the Windows Phone platform may top iOS in global smartphone shipments. That’s the new – and very bold – projection from market research giant IDC. On Wednesday, IDC published an insightful new report suggesting that the worldwide mobile phone market will grow slightly more than …   Read More

  • PayPal Brings Mobile Wallet to New Retail Partners

    On Friday, PayPal announced a new line-up of retail partners for its mobile wallet service. “It’s been two months since I was given the opportunity to lead PayPal and I’ve never been more excited about the future of commerce and PayPal’s opportunity to help shape it,” writes PayPal president David Marcus. At an event at …   Read More

  • Nokia Launches First CDMA Windows Phone in China

    It’s another mobile first inside the world’s most populous country. On Wednesday, China Telecom and Nokia formally introduced the Nokia 800C, the first CDMA Windows Phone in China and Nokia’s first Lumia phone for the world’s largest smartphone market. The Nokia 800C combines head-turning design and the fastest way to connect to the people, places …   Read More

  • Microsoft Partners with Nokia for Educational AppCampus

    With education at the heart of mobile app development, Microsoft is hoping the developers of tomorrow will educate themselves today on how to build superior applications for the Windows Phone operating system. To that end, the software giant is teaming with Nokia for AppCampus, a $24 million program that the partners hope will kickstart app …   Read More