• Opera’s September “State Of The Mobile Web”

    Opera has released its monthly “State of the Mobile Web” report for September, and like usual, it paints an excellent picture of where the mobile Web currently stands- from the perspective of one of the most popular mobile browsers in use today. This month’s report outlines the typical growth in all categories including pageviews, data …   Read More

  • Three Important Trends in Mobile Marketing

    As mobile marketing continues to get traction there are some important trends we can watch to see mobile marketing begin to settle into life in the mainstream. 1. Mobile Integrated Events Mobile marketing and events are a perfect match – a crowd of people contained in one location with a common purpose or interest. It …   Read More

  • 2007 Mobile Marketing Watch Review

    Normally I do a Monthly roundup so with the new year I think it’s appropriate to post an annual roundup though I’ll file it under the monthly roundup tag OK? If you’re new to MMW then you don’t know that this blog is less than...

  • Monthly Roundup

    Another Month is in the books! Last Month I started with these Monthly Roundups and I like the idea of posting how I’m doing and where I’m going so I hope you enjoy them. So, first things first. Thanks to the readers. Without you folks...