• New Version of SAP Mobile Platform Making Waves

    In order to meet heavy business demand for secure, cost-effective mobile app development both on premise and in the cloud, SAP has something for those concerned with these particular matters. Today we’re getting our first look at the 3.0 release of SAP Mobile Platform and a cloud version powered by the SAP HANA platform for …   Read More

  • The Three Mobile Musts of Small Business: Websites, Payments, and Advertising

    “If you don’t have a mobile strategy,” says Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, “you don’t have a future strategy.” Given the accelerated pace at which companies are adopting the “Mobile First” mentality, it appears that the business world is heeding Mr. Schmidt’s sage warning. Although the movement toward mobile is a daunting prospect for those resistant …   Read More

  • The Biggest Lie SMS Providers Tell Their Clients

    The following is a guest post by Derek Johnson, Founder & CEO of SMS marketing provider Tatango. You can text him at (206) 334-4012 or email him at derek@tatango.com. Want to know what the biggest lie an SMS provider will tell you as a client? It’s that you can’t take your SMS subscriber database to …   Read More

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    TapIt! Adds Conversion Tracking for Advanced Mobile Ad Campaign Optimization

    Independent mobile advertising provider TapIt! announced recently that it’s added global conversion tracking to help app developers and performance advertisers get truly measurable results from their mobile ad spend. The company said it realized there’s too many mobile networks that are willing to take adverting dollars without providing any sort of analytics to show whether a …   Read More

  • Mobile Now Taking Fans Out to The Ballgame

    Mobile devices and eTickets are dramatically impacting the way in which baseball fans embrace their beloved sport. The traditional ticket stub accounted for less than a third of single-game seats sold this past season, MarketWatch reports Tuesday. That’s down from 55% in 2011, “as fans continue to embrace digital tickets delivered by email or text …   Read More