• Tracking of Real World Location Visits of UberMedia System Looks Like a Winner

    Location tracking and marketing is becoming big business. Now UberMedia has patented a way to make it better. Basically, instead of focusing on where a consumer has been or locations the consumer has expressed interest in, its system tracks where people actually are at any given time. UberMedia, a cross-screen mobile ad platform combines more …   Read More

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    Marketing Evolution: Avoiding ROI that's DOA Means Moving to Mobile

    At a recent innovation conference, Marketing Evolution CEO Rex Briggs presented some new findings and discussed rapidly developing analytic capabilities. Briggs’ presentation, entitled “Accelerating the Transformation and Innovation of Marketing,” focused on new research that shows how mobile fits into the broader marketing mix. The research, initiated by the Mobile Marketing Association in collaboration with …   Read More

  • Why The Smartest Casinos Are Going Mobile

    With so much talk of regulated online gambling potentially coming to the state of Pennsylvania in the near future, it comes as no surprise that some casinos in the state are preparing for what many analysts believe is an inevitability for the Keystone State. Of course, as an experienced mobile marketing or digital advertising pro …   Read More

  • MarketLive Releases Interesting New Study on Responsive Design

    What is “Responsive Design” and how can it help retailers? Basically, the concept refers to the process of ensuring ecommerce sites are effective across the spectrum of devices consumers use today — and that they don’t hit roadblocks when they actually want to buy. Now MarketLive, which coined the term and is a leading platform …   Read More

  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions Beginning to Shift

    Mobile application management (MAM) is seeing increased adoption levels as enterprises seek solutions more flexible than traditional mobile device management (MDM). That’s the assertion put forward this week in a new report from ABI Research, the summary findings of which were shared with MMW on Wednesday, Currently, MDM solutions comprise over 60% of enterprise mobility …   Read More

  • The SEO Strategies Your Business Must Avoid

    SEO has been the ever evolving, yet primary focus of online marketing campaigns for many years. But just because an SEO strategy is frequently deployed doesn’t make it a good one. In fact, there are many SEO strategies out there that just plain… suck. There, I said it.   Read More

  • Mobility Solutions Among Top Tech Trends in India

    Mobile is big in Mumbai, says Gartner. Across India, mobility solutions are now among the fastest growing tech trends of 2014. “We have identified the top 10 technology trends and drivers Indian companies should factor into their strategic planning processes,” said Vishal Tripathi, principal research analyst at Gartner. “This does not necessarily mean adoption and …   Read More

  • Report Shows Mobility is 'Fueling the Digital Surge'

    According to a recent survey conducted by Accenture, mobility is fueling the digital surge that continues to escalate as 2014 progresses. To produce the report, Accenture surveyed some 1,500 C-level executives (from multiple nations) across ten industries, to explore how companies are applying digital technologies – especially mobility – to improve their organizations. So what …   Read More

  • AT&T, IBM Partner to Advance The Internet of Things

    At the heart of almost every alliance forged between industry giants is a grandiose objective or admirable mutual goal that, when attained, generally benefits the world at large. Such may be the case once again this week as AT&T and IBM have announced a new global alliance agreement to develop solutions that help support the …   Read More