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    Digital TV Moving Forward, For Some

    The Associated Press is reporting that more than one-fourth of U.S. television stations are switching to digital from analog broadcasting as originally scheduled. Maybe these stations will have mobile TV offerings before their non-switching contemporaries, since the same technology used for digital broadcasts is going...

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    Digital–And Thus Mobile–TV Postponed After All

    Mobile marketers will have to make do with one less platform for four more months. The U.S. Congress today passed a bill that delays, until June 12, the switch of TV broadcasts from analog to digital, which in turn delays mobile TV deployment. President Barack...

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    U.S. House Scuttles Delay Of Digital TV

    The U.S. House just voted to defeat a bill, passed unanimously Monday by the U.S. Senate, that would have delayed the switch of television broadcasts from analog to digital. This means that mobile TV will likely go on as scheduled. The news comes as a relief to broadcasters and advertisers, as well as mobile marketers. …   Read More

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    House Could Repeat Senate Vote To Postpone Digital TV

    UPDATE As I discussed in my blog earlier, there was a possibility that the U.S. Senate would vote to postpone the upcoming transition from analog to digital television broadcasting. Well, one hour ago on Monday they did, unanimously. The U.S. House was expected to vote...

  • Must-See Mobile TV–Maybe

    Mobile TV is one step closer to standardization in the United States–and mobile video marketing could one day become de riguer. The Advanced Television Systems Committee approved a proposed specification, Mobile DTV, as a candidate to become the mobile video standard. The Open Mobile Video...