• The Business of Mobile Banking is Booming in Canada

    Canadians are warming up to mobile banking at a hurried pace, a new report published Monday indicates. Though online banking remains king when it comes to Canadians’ preference for how they bank, an increasing number of Canadians are beginning to embrace mobile. In fact, a recent survey by ING DIRECT shows that 41 percent of …   Read More

  • Mobile Payments Giant Beefs Up Mobile Security

    With the holiday shopping season ahead and millions of consumers and merchants poised to use mobile for business, concerns about mobile security are escalating with each passing day. Well, it seems there’s some help on the way. Mobile payments solutions provider PayAnywhere says it has “taken steps” to make its platform the most secure mobile …   Read More

  • Dell Dishes Out New Mobility Solutions

    MMW has learned new details regarding Dell Software’s introduction of new mobility solutions. According to Dell, the solutions in question are “designed to help customers better support increasingly mobile workers while minimizing security risks and IT complexity.” Faced with a deluge of mobile devices, companies today are struggling to transform physical workplaces into “digital workspaces” …   Read More

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    NQ Mobile Announces New Integration Deal with Samsung

    MMW has learned that NQ Mobile has reached an agreement with Samsung Electronics to integrate its NQSky Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform with Samsung KNOX. NQ Mobile, a leading provider of mobile Internet services, says the partnership is meant to provide a complete mobile enterprise security solution on Samsung Devices. Samsung KNOX is an end-to-end …   Read More

  • Oyokey Launches ‘Voice URL’ for the Voice Assistant Market

    Oyokey Inc., a formidable presence in cloud-based addressing and recognition technology, has just launched something called “Voice URL” for the Voice Assistant Market. Targeting voice centric mobile and wearable devices such as Google Glass and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and voice applications such as Siri and Samsung’s S-Voice, “Voice URL” is designed to bring addressing, accessing …   Read More

  • mobileStorm Teams With Locaid to Revolutionize Mobile Marketing for Casino, Online Gaming Industries

    mobileStorm Inc., the veteran communication service provider that powers MobileMarketingWatch, mHealthWatch, and mGamingWatch, has announced the launch of two new cutting-edge products that will change mobile marketing as we know it for the casino resort and online gaming industries Location-based SMS Messaging and AppMail are geared toward “revolutionizing casino mobile marketing. ” With the reemergence …   Read More

  • For Whom Are Wireless Payments Most Essential?

    Some of the biggest companies in the world are flocking to wireless payments systems, but it’s the small business owner and aspiring entrepreneur  that stand to gain most from this increasingly ubiquitous technology. According to North American Bancard, a juggernaut provider of merchant services to more than 180,000 businesses in North America, the flea market …   Read More

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    iWatch what happens next

    The remake of Total Recall illustrated an interesting concept for the future of communication technology.  People could embed electronic circuitry into their hands and use their palms as smartphones.  Insert your joke here about where they embedded fax machines.  The interesting and relevant cinematic device...

  • Parents Increasingly Concerned with Mobile, Online Security

    The latest industry research published this week shows a growing segment of parents who are not only concerned with the nature of potentially inappropriate content their children are exposed to online and via mobile devices, but also with how unwise clicks can open Pandora’s box of security nightmares. Although a lost or stolen mobile device …   Read More