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    Baidu Acquiring Massive Android App Distributor

    Chinese search giant Baidu is making a power play in mobile today with its freshly announced acquisition plans for mobile app distribution platform 91 Wireless, which comes through online gaming and mobile Internet provider NetDragon Websoft. The deal, Baidu says, is valued at $1.9 billion. It is, hands down, Baidu’s largest acquisition in company history. …   Read More

  • Report: Majority of Fortune 100 Companies Are Not Google Compliant

    Google’s recent announcement about upcoming changes to its mobile search algorithm may cause 90 or more Fortune 100 companies to lose search visibility among consumers on mobile devices. Pure Oxygen Labs’ new mobile SEO assessment reveals that most Fortune 100 companies are not Google-compliant. The mobile consulting and technology company used its proprietary diagnostic tools …   Read More

  • Google Says Websites Must Be Smartphone Friendly

    Google isn’t merely advising website makers to optimize their designs for smartphones. The internet search giant is pretty much backing them into a corner. Google has just rolled out new search ranking changes that will effectively reduce the ranking of websites that aren’t yet optimized for the small screen. “To improve the search experience for …   Read More

  • Google, Forbes Forge Mobile Recommendations Alliance

    Google and Forbes are rolling out mobile recommendations powered by Google+, with Forbes as the launch partner. That’s the official announcement from Forbes, writes Andrea Spiegel of the venerable publication. The new content recommendation engine is meant to enable mobile websites to more widely deepen reader engagement and user loyalty.   Read More

  • Google Shocks by Shuttering SMS Search

    Google angered scores of longtime users over the weekend when it effectively dumped a number of popular products in one swift motion. Among the casualties is one of the SMS-based products that had been enormously helpful to owners of low-end mobile devices or individuals without expansive data plans. To the dismay of many, Google closed …   Read More

  • Yahoo! Reportedly Wants to Dump Microsoft for Google

    According to knowledgeable sources close to the developments at Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is said to be interested in ending her company’s 10-year search-advertising pact with Microsoft. The reason is due to Mayer’s desire to reach a similar deal with Google. Publicly, Mayer hasn’t discussed these plans although we’re told that efforts to curtail the deal …   Read More

  • Local Search is Critical to Mobile Advertising Strategies

    Over the weekend, mobile advertisers were given plenty to think about thanks to the release of a new study pointing to the surge in mobile search. The Local Search Association and comScore, Inc. find that local search via non-PC devices continues its significant pace of growth, driven by the rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets, and …   Read More