• Why is International Mobile Search Marketing So Important?

    The following is a guest contributed post from Lingo24 founder and MD, Christian Arno. Small screens are increasingly becoming big business all over the world. Speaking at search marketing expo SMX West in March, Google’s Matt Cutts said he “wouldn’t be surprised” if mobile search overtakes desktop at some point in 2014. Mobile is still …   Read More

  • Search Intent Mobile Ads Coming to eCommerce

    Vserv.mobi, a popular mobile advertising exchange, launched on Thursday a little something for the benefit of eCommerce called “Search Intent Ads.” These ads represent a new advertising format that integrates the power of search into mobile ads. This format is designed to help marketers attain relevant consumers and facilitate their buying decisions “via a seamless …   Read More

  • The Mobile Browser is Lost at Sea?

    Mobile analytics company Flurry says that most mobile users now spend more time than ever before engaged with their smartphones and tablets. According to the latest industry data presented, time spent on a mobile device by the average U.S. consumer has climbed to 2 hours and 42 minutes per day from 2 hours and 38 …   Read More

  • Understanding Google's Search for the Right Algorithm

    Hubspot is giving the world a unique look at the evolution of Google’s search engine. From not good to ultimately better than great, Google has come a long way over the last decade. “In the beginning, Google’s search engine really wasn’t all that good,” Erik Devaney of Hubspot writes on the company’s popular blog. “This …   Read More

  • Mobile Security Spending May Hit $9 Billion This Year

    Spending on mobile security could reach an all-time high this year. If the trend continues, Research and Markets reports, global spending on mobile device and network security infrastructure, software and services will reach $9 Billion by the end of 2013. Mobile networks around the globe generate more than 50 Exabytes of traffic annually. The immense …   Read More

  • Local Consumers Going Mobile and Flexing Multi-Channel Muscle

    On Wednesday, BIA/Kelsey shared with MMW the findings of its new consumer survey, which offers various insights into how local shoppers in the U.S. are likely to find, engage and transact with local-serving businesses. BIA/Kelsey and their research partner Ipsos found that 94 percent of the consumers surveyed have gone online for local shopping purposes …   Read More

  • Datonics, SiteScout Partner to Boost Behavioral Ad Targeting

    Datonics has just announced a new partnership with SiteScout to allow marketers to more precisely target potential customers using Datonics’ data points through SiteScout’s global real-time bidding (RTB) platform. Datonics’ data includes more than 350 pre-packaged segments, and is based on more than 180 million monthly unique users searching for various products and services. By …   Read More

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    Apple’s Mobile Web Share is Falling

    Apple’s mobile web share has fallen just over 10% in the last year according to the latest data from NetApplications. As reported by Fortune this week, iOS’ share of Web usage hit an all-time low of 54.9% in August, down 11 percentage points (16.7%) from the 65.9% it held in August 2012. “Tim Cook likes …   Read More

  • Why ‘Mobile First’ is Paying Off For Yahoo

    It’s a number you may have missed but shouldn’t forget from this week’s Yahoo earnings report. Yahoo now accommodates 340 million mobile users on a monthly basis. That’s up from just 300 million in April. And it’s well above the 200 million mobile visitors observed at the end of 2012. As a result, Yahoo CEO …   Read More

  • EU Wants More Antitrust Concessions from Google

    The European Union is not pleased with Google as the Internet search giant is once again coming up short on the antitrust concessions the EU is demanding. The executive arm of the European Union maintains that Google must do more to satisfy an ongoing antitrust case that the company is facing. In April, Google first …   Read More