• Can Marketers Boost Chances of Mobile Commerce Success with the Touch of a ‘Button’?

    Perhaps you’ve had this experience: you’re on your smartphone and you find something you want to purchase. Unfortunately, when you get to the checkout they want you to type in all of your information. Many people have found this to be such an inconvenience on a tiny phone screen they wait until they get to …   Read More

  • Trouble Brewing for Square at Starbucks

    This is a problem the folks at Square may want to discuss over a cup of coffee. Starbucks, we have learned, will no longer accept Square’s mobile payments, a move that has stunned many in the electronic payments world while satisfying countless consumers who say the mobile payment tech never work as well as it …   Read More

  • A Mobile Shopping Reality Marketers Must Remember

    SPS Commerce, Inc., a provider of retail cloud services, is rolling out its new “Enhancing the Retail Omnichannel Customer Experience” report. Conducted by Forrester, the research survey of retailers, we’re told, “confirmed that consumers rely on their digital shopping experiences to make in-store buying decisions, making inventory availability and convenient fulfillment critical to creating the …   Read More

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    A Sweet New Apple for China

    If you thought the most common payment card in the world was Visa or MasterCard you’d be quite wrong. It’s the UnionPay card from China and, even after just a short 12 years, it already accounts for nearly 40% of the cards being used worldwide. Go ahead. Wrap your head around that fact for a …   Read More

  • Target Aims to Dominate Holiday Marketing, Shopping, and Sales

    The increasingly savvy mobile marketing and digital advertising gurus at Target believe they have put the retail giant on pace to have a monster holiday shopping season. At least one thing is for sure. 2014 will be better than 2013 for Target. How could it not? Last year, Target had some serious trouble with the …   Read More

  • Infographic: Q2 Mobile Ad Performance Report for Retail

    AdTheorent, Inc. recently announced summary findings from internal retail industry mobile ad performance analyses conducted across its network during Q2 of 2014. According to details shared with MMW, the company analyzed user engagement with approximately 150 million mobile impressions in the retail vertical for insights regarding the highest performing secondary engagement actions, household incomes, operating …   Read More

  • Is Text Messaging the Key to mCommerce?

    eCommerce is undoubtedly a driving force in the world of retail and business, and many believe that mCommerce will slowly but surely capture a larger portion of all online shopping, but retailers are still searching for the best way to encourage mobile commerce. Currently, approximately 23% of smartphone owners make at least one mobile purchase …   Read More

  • Retail Goes Real Time: Swrve Announces Data Integration, iBeacon Support

    Swrve, a leader in mobile marketing automation, has announced it will support iBeacon technology that are bringing geo-targeted campaigns to the mobile app. Technologies like iBeacon allow retail marketers to forge highly individualized and optimized in-store experiences for consumers. The aim, of course, is to boost both customer satisfaction and revenue. “Swrve already enables marketers …   Read More

  • NFC Gets the Smackdown at 7-Eleven, Best Buy

    Just when you think near field communications (NFC) technology is finally catching on, a story like this comes along. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, 7-Eleven and Best Buy are effectively pulling the plug on NFC for the time being. NFC has been weak to take off as a mobile payment technology despite the efforts of …   Read More