• Here's What's Happening in Mobile Marketing

    In case you missed it, here are some of the top stories in mobile marketing and advertising we’ve been following this week. Inside IBM’s $100 Million Digital Marketing Investment Turning the corner and putting its money where its mouth is, IBM is doing more than just talking about the power and potential of digital marketing. …   Read More

  • Gartner: Today's Data Center Won't Be Tomorrow's

    Just when we got used to the data centers that surround us today, their nature and function are poised to change again… but at least its for the better. So what’s behind the anticipated evolution? The Internet of Things, we are told, has a potential transformational effect on the data center market, its customers, technology …   Read More

  • Mobile Bot Traffic Growing at Alarming Rate

    With the well-known spread of mobile malware escalating at an alarming speed, it comes as little surprise that suspicious traffic from mobile devices is similarly on the rise. Based on the findings of a new report from CAPTCHA-based advertising firm Solve Media, the aforementioned suspicious traffic from mobile devices ballooned 30 percent last year, accounting …   Read More

  • AT&T, IBM Partner to Advance The Internet of Things

    At the heart of almost every alliance forged between industry giants is a grandiose objective or admirable mutual goal that, when attained, generally benefits the world at large. Such may be the case once again this week as AT&T and IBM have announced a new global alliance agreement to develop solutions that help support the …   Read More

  • Legacy Barriers Slowly Disappearing in Mobile

    Last week, FeedHenry shared with MMW a whitepaper produced in collaboration with VDC. The report in question examines the use of mobile apps in the transportation sector. According to a report summary by the authors, the findings underscore not only a trend in using mobile solutions to reduce operational costs and improve worker productivity, but …   Read More

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    Global LTE Subscriptions to Top 2 Billion in 5 Years

    Last year, global LTE-related subscriptions topped 229.7 million. It’s a lofty number for sure, but one that will appear dismal in comparison to the numbers projected for 2019. Said subscriptions will continually grow at a CAGR of 43.6% between 2013 and 2019, ABI projects, to exceed 2 billion. By the close of 2013, LTE-TDD subscribers …   Read More

  • Millennial Media Improves Audience Targeting Across Screens

    Mobile ad network Millennial Media announced Tuesday at Mobile World Congress that its Millennial Media Exchange is rolling out to 20 additional countries. Perhaps more notable, however, is the introduction of a new set of targeting features that provide brand and performance advertisers increased transparency and control over their mobile ad campaigns. According to a …   Read More

  • GSMA Projects 2014 Spike in M2M Connections

    This week, the GSMA published a new report calling for the number of global machine-to-machine (M2M) connections to reach a quarter of a billion this year. The latest projection, the GSMA says, underscores that M2M has become a “major growth area for mobile operators.” The study finds that global M2M connections reached 195 million in …   Read More

  • Verve Brings Mobile Advertising to The Little Guys

    The big boys in retail and marketing no longer have a lock on the mobile channel. With each passing year, the mobile advertising industry’s top players roll out equalizing new solutions for the “little guys.” Just this week, the location-based mobile advertising experts at Verve Mobile introduced an innovative mobile advertising solution designed to help …   Read More

  • Sprint Purportedly Rethinking Acquisition of T-Mobile

    Speculation swirling around the carrier today indicates that Sprint is reconsidering a potential acquisition of T-Mobile. As MMW reported in December, Sprint – the nation’s third largest mobile operator – is interested in acquiring T-Mobile, which is something AT&T attempted and failed to do just two years previously. Sprint’s newfound hesitation, the WSJ reports, “makes …   Read More