• Pandora Changes Its Tune: Music Platform Makes Some Major Changes

    Pandora is definitely facing the music. The innovative and creative music platform has decided it will give its advertising clients new options — like letting brands sponsor playbacks and skips, as well as allowing offline listening by dedicated subscribers. The changes affect both Pandora’s subscription-based...

  • Pandora Pushes Forward with Innovative Native Mobile Ad Effort

    Earlier this week, MMW was briefed by the team at Pandora about their new visual ad experience – a series of native, mobile ad formats that make rich media, video, and display ads more impactful and effective for marketers. The offering will be rolled out to the company’s 80 million monthly active users. “It gives …   Read More

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    Google Playing a Sweet Tune As Major Competition Looms Large

    In one week’s time, Apple Music will be up and streaming. But Google isn’t standing by and letting Apple enter the streaming music market without as much formidable competition as possible. This week, Google took a step that could be an attractive alternative to some music fans considering a subscription to Apple Music.   Read More

  • Music Streaming Giant Goes Programmatic

    Pandora, the juggernaut Internet radio service, says its display inventory is now available for programmatic buying across smartphones and tablets. Confirmed this week, Pandora says its new programmatic solution supplements its desktop offering to deliver viewable inventory, qualified data and a robust, engaged audience at scale across devices. “The power of Pandora’s data fuels our …   Read More

  • Spotify Backers Not Sweating Apple Music

    Apple may have impressed the world on Monday with its unveiling of a new streaming music service but Spotify and its backers aren’t backing down. According to the Wall Street Journal, Spotify just completed another round of funding that will only The music-streaming company closed a $526 million round of funding valuing it at $8.53 …   Read More

  • Music at the Core of Apple’s WWDC 2015 Keynote

    Although Apple definitely had no shortage of treats in store for those looking to the future of iOS and Mac, the major standout from yesterday’s kick-off to WWDC 2015 was the announcement of Apple Music — a new streaming music service that could instantly rival the giants in this space. Apple Music is billed by …   Read More

  • Apple’s Next Venture Won’t Be Music to the Ears of Spotify, Pandora

    If sources at the Wall Street Journal are correct, Apple will be singing a sweet tune on stage next week for the start of its annual developer conference. We’re told that the WWDC 2015 keynote will bring with it an announcement from Apple that it will challenge the likes of Spotify and Pandora head-on in …   Read More

  • Digital Music Downloads Singing the Blues

    Over the weekend, freshly published data from Nielsen SoundScan left digital music proponents singing the blues. According to the information presented, 2014 was not a banner year for digital music. “Sales of downloaded albums and songs plummeted in the U.S. in 2014,” the WSJ reported following the publication of data from Nielsen SoundScan.   Read More

  • Google Singing a New Tune in Battle with Apple

    On Wednesday, Google rolled out its new music streaming subscription service. Hailed as “YouTube Music Key,” the service is a direct challenger to Apple’s Beats music platform, as it delivers streaming music directly from YouTube. Google confirmed that YouTube Music Key, now in beta, will cost $7.99 per month during the promotional period before settling …   Read More

  • And the 'Beat' Goes on for Apple's Potential Record Breaking Acquisition

    News emerged last night that Apple is close to sealing the deal on its largest acquisition in company history. CNBC reports that Apple wants to move forward with a whopping $3.2 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics, an iconic headphone maker and music streaming operator. The company, which was founded by music producer Jimmy Iovine and …   Read More