• 4INFO Reinstated For Verizon Customers

    The dispute between 4INFO and Verizon seems to have been resolved, and access to 4INFO’s 44636 short code will be restored tomorrow morning, Dec. 10th for all Verizon Wireless customers. Details have been limited as to what exactly the problem was, but it had to...

  • User Distaste For Mobile Marketing Is Growing

    Every now and then the truth spills out in regards to how the general public as a whole views mobile marketing from an engagement standpoint.  It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that mobile marketing can do no wrong, but when it comes down to those who actually interact with the medium, it …   Read More

  • Consumers Seek Control Over SMS Marketing

    There’s been numerous studies, surveys and analysis regarding consumer’s view of SMS marketing and how they respond to messages from advertisers, with most coming to the conclusion that SMS marketing is always welcomed by consumers as long as its worth their while. A new study put out by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) polled consumers …   Read More

  • Australian Telco Fined For Common-Sense SMS Violation

    When a leading wireless provider sets out to launch a widespread SMS campaign with one of the most respected brands in the world, it’s common sense that the campaign will meet the most basic of SMS compliance regulations right? Nope. Vodafone Hutchinson, parent company to Vodafone Australia teamed with Coca-Cola last October to launch an …   Read More

  • Smartphone Apps Continue To Invoke Privacy Concerns

    Smartphone apps are getting more and more comprehensive everyday it seems, and with the advent of location-based services, mobile social networking and other genres, privacy is becoming increasingly important. There’s been a recent surge of developers and consumers that have noticed what some apps are...

  • Mobile Industry Still Trying To Figure Out SMS Spam

    The problem has been around forever, yet the mobile industry is still fighting for a solution to SMS spam.  As such a quickly growing problem, the FCC and several mobile-specific organizations are still trying to define what is and what isn’t considered mobile SPAM- a process that’s easier said than done. Mobile spam can be …   Read More

  • Israeli Telecom Sued For Storing SMS Message Content

    We’ve heard a lot about security loopholes, malware and other problems related to SMS recently, but this one is truly scary.  An Israeli wireless carrier has been sued for allegedely wiretapping, in thatit stores all SMS messages sent or received over its network. The lawsuit...

  • $90M Awarded In SMS Spam Case, Best Practices Anyone?

    Rules, regulations and industry best practices are put in place for a reason, and nowhere are they more important then when it comes to anti-SPAM cases.  An emerging number of cases are being filed for violations of anti-SPAM laws regarding not only landline and cellphone call violations, but for SMS SPAM as well. One such …   Read More

  • Xtract Responds To Mobile Marketing Privacy Concerns

    On the heels of a debate over the privacy implications of mobile marketing, a new company is taking steps to curb the concern with its new “3D profiling engine,” software offerings and a forum on privacy for the mobile marketing industry as a whole. Using...