• Introducing The “Mobile Phone Universal Remote”

    In a move that could dramatically influence the future of mobile marketing opportunities, a little known private company called Akoo International has developed a network of digital television screens that can both send and receive messages from cell phones. According to Akoo’s Vice President of...

  • Mobile Barcodes, A New Generation of Mobile Marketing

    Although not as widely used in the US, mobile-barcode scanning is still gaining traction with mobile advertisers. They’re slowly realizing the potential in allowing customers the ability to scan the barcode that already exists on virtually every consumer product on the market. This, in addition...

  • Back That Thing Up… with a SIM Card Backup Device

    Anyone who has ever lost or fatally damaged their mobile phone is intimately acquainted with the pain and suffering that often accompanies such trauma. Of course, the worst part of the horrific experience is typically not the financial setback of having to purchase another handset....

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    Ad Infuse Rolls Out iPhone-Specific Advertising

    Since a recent infusion of funds, Ad Infuse is ramping up it’s mobile marketing offerings by introducing new iphone-optimized ads to their already impressive platform. Dubbed adinMotion, the platform uses algorithms that calculate everything from age targeting, user preferences, geo-targeting and more to serve the...

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    A New Twist On Mobile Advertising By TapSlide

    TapSlide, Inc. made its debut on February 1st, vowing to provide a new twist on “complete mobile marketing solutions” for it’s clients. The company focuses on building branded mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and Symbian platforms, as well as combining those mobile applications with a...

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    Does It Matter That Motorola Missed The 3G Ramp?

    I just read this on RCRWirelessNews and one bit struck me as odd. “Brown’s announcement also reflected that Motorola’s troubles are deeper than generally acknowledged by the company or analysts. The company has not revealed a follow-on platform to its Razr handset, it missed the global ramp in 3G devices, its smartphone offerings are minimal …   Read More

  • I Think I Want A Nokia N95

    This list really makes me want to run out and get a Nokia N95 today.