• BlackBerry Storm Blows Back In Smart Phone Smackdown

    I was wrong. RIM didn’t skimp on Bold promotions to re-direct funds to campaigns for the BlackBerry Storm. The Storm seems to have generated way more interest than one would’ve expected from the ads that RIM ran prior to its touch-screen phone’s sales debut last week. By now you’ve heard the stories, such as the …   Read More

  • RIM’s Latest Campaign Not So “Bold”

    In 1968, The Monkees released the underrated feature film Head, which as a precursor to Pink Floyd’s The Wall already risked alienating the Pre-Fab Four’s fluffy fan base. But what ensured its poor box office was the pathetic marketing campaign: A commercial that showed the live mug shot of a skeevy-looking guy just sitting there, …   Read More

  • NeoMedia Aiming to Trace Counterfeit Automotive Parts

    NeoMedia, a recognized leader in camera-initiated transactions for mobile devices, has been selected by TecCom, a leading B2B platform for the automotive replacement part market, to “help identify if security coded automotive parts are genuine.” As it stands, TecCom will use NeoMedia’s NeoReader 2D barcode...

  • Fed Up With High-Priced Smart Phones? Then Think INQ

    The so-called $100 laptop made waves when the One Laptop Per Child nonprofit decided that cheap computers for kids could help emerging economies catch up to developed countries, by providing knowledge and other opportunities for poor children. Now, a potential $50 smart phone could do the same. Hong Kong conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa today unveiled a …   Read More

  • The Internet IS The Mobile Network–Or Will Be Soon

    If there’s any doubt about the mobile phone’s superiority on reaching consumers, two recent news articles –about such disparate subjects as the United Nations and Craigslist–will erase it. First, the International Telecommunications Union reports that global cell phone penetration will grow from around 50 percent...

  • Full-Web Mobile Experience From SkyFire

    Since the iPhone has revolutionized the thought of a full-web experience on mobile devices, other companies and software makers have been hot on its heels to bring the technology to other devices. SkyFire, a new startup out of Mountain View, has introduced their version of...

  • Morgan Stanley, Uber-Optimism, And iPhones

    So Morgan Stanley recently raised expectations on Apple share prices based on the most optimistic iPhone forecast I think I’ve ever seen. The investment bank believes that Apple will sell 27 million iPhones in the calendar year 2009, at an average price of $550 per...

  • iPhone: Wooing Prosumers, Not Consumers?

    So at least one major expectation for yesterday’s iPhone announcement came to pass: The new $199 starting price for the 8-gig model, subsidized by AT&T (which, shrewdly, will make up for it with more expensive data plans). Despite the price break, and the eagerly-anticipated 3G technology that will make for speedier handsets, techies and current …   Read More

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    Smart Phone Smackdown

    Rumours of an iPhone price break makes economic sense for Apple, considering a new report about its share in the smart phone market. Research firm IDC’s vendor survey shows that Apple’s iPhone had 19.2 percent of the U.S. market for smart phones during the first...

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    All This And Pac-Man, Too?

    One open mobile operating system. Three thousand programmers. Ten minutes. That just about sums up Google’s brief but compelling Wednesday debut of Android, the open mobile operating system that has rallied numerous handset makers, cellular service providers, and software developers. Most of Android’s features seemed predicated on touch-screen technology, though tracker-ball technology is also compatible. …   Read More