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    All This And Pac-Man, Too?

    One open mobile operating system. Three thousand programmers. Ten minutes. That just about sums up Google’s brief but compelling Wednesday debut of Android, the open mobile operating system that has rallied numerous handset makers, cellular service providers, and software developers. Most of Android’s features seemed predicated on touch-screen technology, though tracker-ball technology is also compatible. …   Read More

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    Android’s Dev. Challenge Winner; “Scan” Barcoding App

    Jeffrey Sharkey has won the Google Developer’s challenge, and $25,000 for his “Scan” Android application. The main purpose of the app is to find pricing and metadata info from anything with a barcode, such as CD’s, books, and other products. We’ve seen this technology in...

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    Google Simplifying Mobile Search and LBS Services

    Google is serious about mobile, there’s no question. The thing they have to do, is lay the ground work for the mobile landscape they’ve had pictured in their mind for some time, which is simplified mobile search, and simplified mobile applications that work across the...

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    The Good & Bad of Google Offering Nationwide WiFi

    With Google’s interest in securing a section of the upcoming wireless spectrum that becomes available after the digital switch, there’s been some speculation that the main intention on Google’s mind is to offer a free nationwide wifi network based on the high-power frequencies usually reserved...

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    Maybe Google Got Exactly What They Wanted Mike

    I’m not convinced that Google walked away empty handed Mike, I think this is maybe what they wanted short of a totally open Internet like mobile network. Android is going to be the vehicle to deliver the Google products and if I read your C-Block...

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    Ad Infuse Rolls Out iPhone-Specific Advertising

    Since a recent infusion of funds, Ad Infuse is ramping up it’s mobile marketing offerings by introducing new iphone-optimized ads to their already impressive platform. Dubbed adinMotion, the platform uses algorithms that calculate everything from age targeting, user preferences, geo-targeting and more to serve the...

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    A New Twist On Mobile Advertising By TapSlide

    TapSlide, Inc. made its debut on February 1st, vowing to provide a new twist on “complete mobile marketing solutions” for it’s clients. The company focuses on building branded mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and Symbian platforms, as well as combining those mobile applications with a...