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    Google’s AdMob Deal Solidifies It’s Future Mobile Marketing Dominance

    With Google’s purchase of AdMob, it proves even further what many have already speculated for a while- that mobile advertising will be dominated by the major players for some time to come. A few months ago, Jeff Lindsay of Bernstein Research released a report titled “The Long View: How Will The Wireless Internet Impact Online …   Read More

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    Analysts Predict Strong Q4 Mobile Phone Sales

    Mobile handset sales have been on the decline throughout most of 2009, but according to research firms, the worst is behind us and Q4 is poised for a return of growth across all mobile handset segments. Neil Mawston, an analyst with Strategy Analytics, is predicting the return to growth after a year of declining sales, …   Read More

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    Flurry Stats Show Rush Of Android Development

    The tech world is buzzing with news of the latest Android developments, from the upcoming Motorola Droid to Google’s upcoming Maps with navigation app, it seems to have stolen the spotlight in recent weeks. With an onslaught of new devices running Android 2.0 in the pipeline from numerous...

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    Verizon Gets Dirty in New Ad Campaign

    Until now, neither mobile marketing ads or the traditional campaigns of major mobile carriers have resorted to all-out “mud slinging” to capture the attention of consumers or generate a buzz about their products and services. Some say that all changed over the weekend as Verizon took new steps to illustrate that it doesn’t like AT&T …   Read More

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    Adobe Brings Flash To Every Smartphone, Except iPhone

    Adobe has secured relationships with all remaining mobile platform makers to bring its full Flash capabilities to every smartphone on the market, except of course for the iPhone. Securing deals with the likes of Research in Motion, Palm, Windows Mobile and Google, Adobe plans to roll out Flash technology for Windows Mobile and Palm’s WebOS …   Read More

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    Augmented Reality: The Future Of Mobile Marketing?

    Many have tried to speculate what the future holds for mobile marketing in terms of the technologies and methodologies we’ll see put in use, but none have the potential – in my opinion – as the concept of Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented Reality is defined as “a live direct or indirect view of a real-world environment whose …   Read More

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    Despite The iPhone, App Developers Remain OS Agnostic

    With all you hear about the iPhone and its thousands of available apps, you’d think it’s the only mobile OS that developers are interested in.  A new study reveals that while the iPhone is an important piece of the puzzle, developers are still remaining OS...

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    Searchme Debuts Visual Search App For Windows Mobile

    Visual search is a new concept aimed at making the overall search experience more user-friendly, interactive and quicker for the end-user.  While there are visual search engines on the traditional Web, the concept has been better received on the mobile Web- where quicker and more...

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    Google Preparing AdSense For Mobile Apps, Launches Beta

    Google is getting one step closer to dominating mobile contextual advertising much like it did on the traditional Web with the launch of a public beta for its new AdSense for mobile apps solution. Aimed at providing both contextual and graphical ads for apps running...

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    The “New Deck” in Mobile

    In mobile we have talked about “on deck” and “off deck” with the terms being all about carriers and whether or not a particular carrier was offering your content. The “new deck” is all about applications and app stores. And contrary to what you might...