• SMS Messaging Platform Needed In Zimbabwe

    I have a reader that is in need of SMS Messaging platform similar to the clickatell platform in Zimbabwe. Please chime in on the comments if you can help.

  • How To Link Your Email Account To Your Mobile Phone

    I’ve never heard of TeleFlip until about a week ago when someone sent me an email telling me to check them out. I’m going to give them a try with my Mobile Marketing Watch email. What’s cool about TeleFlip is that it’s actually better than...

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    The Bids On The Cracked iPhone Are A Little Nutty

    At 5:30PM EST when I left my office the bids for this cracked iPhone was somewhere in the 8K range and moving up nicely. Fast forward 3 hours and the bid is at 99M. So, I’m wondering if there’s been any independent substantiation of this...

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    How To Unlock Your iPhone

    Enjoy. I wonder how long it will be before the Apple and AT&TÂ lawyers go bonkers.

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    You’ll Want To Read This If You Read Business 2.0

    This is an off-topic alert… I do and I enjoy getting that magazine as I do any magazine that has some return value in the form of new knowledge for my bucket; provided I have time to read it and perhaps that’s where the problem...

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    Yahoo Aquires Mobile Ad Firm Actionality

    This crossed the wire a couple of hours ago. Yahoo has acquired Actionality which has one of those bizarre web sites without links on it. I’m not kidding either, this is like a 3 page web site. Go figure?

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    Another Mobile Company On The Rise

    I’m on my lunch break so I’ll make this quick. Yesterday, it was mobileStorm today it’s Mobile Glu. Have you ever heard of them? According to Forbes, they’re the 3rd largest Game maker for mobile phones in the U.S. They have some fantastic licenses in...

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    Congrats To mobileStorm

    If you haven’t already read the news, mobileStorm posted 100% growth for the fiscal year. This mobile marketing company appears to be on the move, in the last quarter they added 217 new clients. That’s no easy task for a growing company selling services. Awesome...

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    Mobile Backup Applications

    I’ve been wondering lately when we’d start seeing mobile backup applications. I’ve even exchanged some thoughts on the subject with one executive of an online backup company which I won’t name because I’ve not asked for permission to disclose any of the email exchange. I...

  • Free Mobile Readiness Assessment Tool

    Kim Dushinski just put up a Mobile Readiness Assessment Tool on Mobile Marketing Profits.