• The Infrastructure for NFC is Finally Developing

    New research from Berg Insight indicates that the infrastructure required for expanded NFC mobile wallet services is finally emerging. There were NFC mobile wallet services commercially live in 13 countries worldwide at the end of Q1-2013, the report notes, which is up from just 6 countries at the end of 2011. However, these services are …   Read More

  • iWatch What Happens Next

    The 2012 reboot of the sci-fi classic Total Recall illustrated an interesting concept for the future of communication technology. The envisioned future portrayed a time in which people could embed electronic circuitry directly into their hands and use their palms as smartphones. Insert your joke here about where they embedded fax machines. What’s truly remarkable, …   Read More

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    T-Mobile Makes Samsung Galaxy S4 Compatible with Isis Mobile Wallet

    On Tuesday, word came to light that T-Mobile is working to update the new Galaxy S4 smartphone to run Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean). As a result, the over-the-air push update will begin reaching owners of the Samsung flagship smartphone today. Along with the update comes support for Isis, the NFC-based mobile wallet solution also brought …   Read More

  • USA Technologies Launches Mobile Payment and Loyalty Program

    USA Technologies, Inc. – an established powerhouse in wireless, cashless payment and M2M telemetry solutions – is launching what the company believes is the largest mobile payment and loyalty program for the U.S. vending industry. The announcement came this week at the NAMA OneShow in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to USAT, loyalty programs can help …   Read More

  • NFC Mobile Payment Trials Underway at Canadian McDonald’s

    According to published reports Tuesday, NFC mobile payment solutions are being tested at a McDonald’s in Canada. The Interac Association payments and debit card services network says its Interac Flash contactless solution has been added to selected Interac Debit cards to offer users tap-to-pay functionality. Thanks to the company’s partnership with RBC Royal Bank, they’ve …   Read More

  • Half a Billion NFC Phones to Enter Market Next Year

    More than 500 million NFC-ready mobile phones will enter the market in 2014, giving major widespread accessibility to near Field Communications Technology. According to ABI Research, the jump to 500 million NFC devices nearly doubles the estimated 285 million NFC phones shipping in 2013. “NFC has reached the point of no return,” explains John Devlin, …   Read More

  • Smart Watches May Lend a Big Hand to Mobile Marketing

    As rumors swirl that Apple will soon release an iOS-powered smart watch affectionately dubbed iWatch by the bustling tech blogosphere, other leading names in mobile technology aren’t being so secretive about their plans to release a similar product. Earlier this week MMW reported that Samsung has now confirmed plans for the company to market what …   Read More

  • Lenovo Launching NFC Breakthrough in Contactless Payments

    Get ready for the “next big thing” in mobile payments. According to published reports Monday, NFC-enabled payments will soon be possible from your Lenovo laptop. Mobile Payments Today reports that an embedded NFC reader will be included on some forthcoming models of Lenovo’s ThinkPad tablets and Ultrabook laptops.   Read More

  • Proxama and The Logic Group Partner for NFC Initiative

    NFC, mobile wallet, and mobile marketing technology provider Proxama has confirmed a new partnership this week with The Logic Group. Together, Proxama will create a complete NFC-based services offering for retail clients. The Logic Group, which distributes vouchers and coupons via NFC-enabled in-store smart posters, has much to gain from Proxama, which will provide the …   Read More

  • Mobile Marketing and Apple’s iWatch: Are They Meant To Be Together?

    Rumors abound that Apple has dedicated a bustling team of at least 100 product designers and engineers to the creation of the ultimate smart watch. Backed by a recent plethora of telling patent applications and industry sources, expectations for the iWatch are high, although it remains to be seen if Apple will officially enter this …   Read More