• NFC Enabled Devices to Exceed 500 Million in 2014

    And you thought NFC wasn’t growing? The number of NFC-enabled devices in use will exceed 500 million in 2014, according to a new report. ABI Research’s “NFC Devices, Strategies, and Form Factors” calculated that a minimum of 285 million mobile and consumer electronics devices will ship in 2013 as OEMs continue to drive the market …   Read More

  • Pinsight Touch Concentrating on ‘Dynamic NFC’

    Sprint confirmed Thursday the availability of Pinsight Touch, a nationwide open platform for storing and accessing credentials on a mobile device. With a strong emphasis on security, the solution is opening up new possibilities for the transit, access and payment verticals, Sprint says. Pinsight Touch offers a direct path for credential issuers to enable their …   Read More

  • Are Mobile Payments Here to Stay?

    From PayAnywhere to Square, there is a handful of well-respected and market leading mobile payments solutions available today to retailers large and small. But while the mobile payments business is booming, the mobile wallet space is struggling to live up to the hype. “Forget about cash or credit,” says Brett Nuckles of BusinessNewsDaily. In 2013, …   Read More

  • Mobile Doesn’t Need NFC to Impact Restaurants

    Despite the fact that NFC technology and mobile wallets haven’t yet revolutionized the retail and restaurant checkout experience as quickly as anticipated, the mobile credit card reader industry has largely exceeded expectations and continues to impress industry watchers and analysts. Earlier this spring, Symphony EYC published the results of a new survey indicating that Americans …   Read More

  • NFC Comes to McDonald’s in Singapore

    Perhaps it’s a sign of things to come for the fast food giant on a global scale. McDonald’s is now actively testing near field communications technology at one establishment (for now) in Singapore. Specifically, NFC is being used to see how it may help drive mobile engagement. The NFC strategy in question has manifested in …   Read More

  • Yankee Group Highlights ‘Secrets to Mobile Wallet Success’

    According to the latest research from Yankee Group, nearly 70 percent of consumers are interested in adopting mobile payments, but less than 14 percent have actually completed a mobile transaction in the past six months. Despite the presence of more than 10 payment apps that have gained the attention of mobile users in the U.S., …   Read More

  • Isis Says National Rollout is Happening This Year

    As MMW reported earlier this week, rumors have been rampant lately that Isis would soon launch its Mobile Wallet solution nationally. The mobile commerce joint venture created by AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile US Inc. and Verizon Wireless now confirms that the Isis Mobile Wallet will be available across the nation before 2013 comes to a close. …   Read More

  • Isis Gearing Up for National Mobile Payments Launch

    Isis, the groundbreaking joint venture spearheaded by three leading U.S. mobile providers, confirms plans to expand its mobile payments service nationwide before the end of 2013. Following protracted trial periods and extensive testing in a handful of markets, the big coast-to-coast market introduction appears to loom large at last. Isis, formed by Verizon Wireless, AT&T …   Read More

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    Sony Reveals New NFC Ready Android-Powered SmartWatch

    Sony is rolling out the red carpet to introduce the company’s forthcoming next-generation Android-powered Smartwatch 2. As rumors mount that Apple will soon launch an iOS-powered smartwatch to compete in this rapidly emerging new product category of wearable computing devices, Sony isn’t taking its time to see what Apple and others might do. Sony SmartWatch …   Read More

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    iWatch what happens next

    The remake of Total Recall illustrated an interesting concept for the future of communication technology.  People could embed electronic circuitry into their hands and use their palms as smartphones.  Insert your joke here about where they embedded fax machines.  The interesting and relevant cinematic device...