• Malware Rides Again Via Digital Ads

    The team over at Malwarebytes recently uncovered malicious code served up via advertisements from Google’s DoubleClick ad servers and the Zedo advertising platform. Among the businesses affected, MediaPost reports, were The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post whose online ads were among the sites which had ads infected with the Zemot malware. So did …   Read More

  • Study Reveals that Mobile Users Are Well Aware of the Worth of their Personal Data

    $224. That’s how much the average person in the UK, Poland, Spain and France believe that there personal data is worth online as well as the demographics behind that data. According to BizReport, mobile network Orange recently asked more than 2,000 people in those countries their opinion of what their personal data was worth and, …   Read More

  • Risks Expand Along with Workplace Mobile Usage, Reliance

    With the rewards of modern mobile technologies also come the risks. According to a disturbing new report from Raytheon Company, the aforementioned risks are especially prevalent in the workplace. “While mobile devices are an integral part of the workplace, the cyber security practices and budgets in most organizations are not keeping pace with the growing …   Read More

  • iCloud Getting Safer One 'Step' at a Time

    In an effort to boost the public’s perception of the platform’s security, Apple has activated two-factor authentication for individuals wanting to access iCloud.com. Although Apple has been testing this secondary layer of security for several months, Apple purportedly stepped up efforts to introduce the extra security measure just in recent weeks. As MMW has already …   Read More

  • Most Mobile Apps Have a Problem… a Big Problem

    An alarming finding by Gartner serves as a clear call to action for the mobile community — be careful about what you download. By next year, 75 percent of mobile applications will fail basic security tests. Enterprise employees download from app stores and use mobile applications that can access enterprise assets or perform business functions, …   Read More

  • AT&T Confirms Serious Mobile Security Breach

    Someone just reached out and touched AT&T in a way that was a bit too personal for some subscribers. The nation’s second largest wireless operator admits that sensitive customer information – personal info such as Social Security numbers and call records – was accessed during a security breach. An unknown number of AT&T Mobility subscribers …   Read More

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    Rumor: Touch ID on PayPal's Mobile Security Radar

    PayPal is said to be interested – very interested – in Touch ID, Apple’s celebrated fingerprint sensor technology introduced last fall on the current generation iPhone 5s. Since last week, in the wake of Apple’s decision to open Touch ID to third-party developers, speculation has loomed large that PayPal may be the first big fish …   Read More

  • Security Concerns for BYOD? Not Among U.S. Consumers

    In what comes as a somewhat alarming report from Gartner, most U.S. consumers aren’t concerned about security when it comes to BYOD. Despite the rise in the use of personal devices for work, consumers “are showing scant concern for security” with regard to bring your own device (BOYD). According to a recent survey by Gartner, …   Read More

  • Security Finally a Top Mobility Priority Across the Enterprise

    On Wednesday, Good Technology shared with MMW the key findings of its Q1 2014 Good Mobility Index Report. The key finding from the new report is that organizations have finally declared security as a top IT concern in 2014, The data shows a monumental increase in activations of more complex secure enterprise apps, most notably …   Read More

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    New Mobile Malware Targeting Text Messages

    Capping off what has been, unfortunately, a busy week for mobile malware news, reports have surfaced to indicate that freshly discovered malware targeting Russian-speaking Android users is wreaking havoc. The malware in question “abuses a person’s contact list to try and infect other devices.” Security vendor Eset’s research was summarized Thursday by PC World, which …   Read More