• Google to Start Factoring Mobile Optimization into AdWords Performance

    Google has always been about creating the best user experience on mobile devices and has taken broad steps to encourage publishers to optimize effectively for mobile users as well. For AdWords advertisers wanting to reach mobile screens, how you optimize your site or landing page plays a huge role in how and where your ads …   Read More

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    Google Adding +1 Buttons to Mobile Web, Mobile Display Ads

    It was announced today that Google will begin adding +1 buttons to their Web and mobile display ads in early October, adding user photos and recommendations to the ads themselves.  The buttons were recently added in the same way to Google search results. On its “Inside AdWords” blog today, Google said that +1 buttons have …   Read More

  • How To Target Mobile Devices Using Mobile Search And PPC

    The following is a guest post from Andrew Hudson, PPC Analyst at Epiphany Solutions. As I’m sure we are all aware, the market for high end mobile devices is huge and is an important growth sector with an enormous potential and target audience for Mobile Ads.  We all, as search marketers, need to be right …   Read More

  • Mobile Search Revenues To Top $8B In 2015, Representing 11 Percent Of Total Search

    Research firm “Research and Markets” has published a new report predicting that mobile search revenues will reach $8 billion by 2015, representing 11 percent of total search revenue. While Google dominates desktop search, the mobile arena is still anyone’s game really.  Growth in mobile search is being driven by two standout trends, according to the …   Read More

  • Location Is Changing The Face Of SEO

    With the evolution of mobile devices and mobile search, there’s already been a steady shift in SEO techniques to help keep Websites relevant in search engines, but a new industry-agnostic emphasis on location is again changing the face of SEO and re-writing the rules once again. Location-based social media from the likes of Foursquare, Gowalla …   Read More

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    Mobile Web Rises to Challenge Following Jackson’s Death

    The death of Michael Jackson nearly stalled the world wide web. Unlike anything seen in recent memory, entertainment and social networking websites experienced near crashes and exploding servers as a result of millions of hits that congested web traffic to an unprecedented extent. The mobile web in particular was tested like never before and came …   Read More

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    Making Your Mobile Site Discoverable

    A Bango study released this week, revealed that half of the Top 20 most trafficked PC websites (according to Nielsen Online) did not work well when visited from a mobile phone. The study noted that some of the sites that did not work well had a mobile version of their site, but when the study’s …   Read More