• Infographic: Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing

    The folks over at Text Marketer have published a new infographic that explains how to run a successful SMS campaign by avoiding the so-called “7 deadly sins of mobile marketing.” Covering everything from the right calls-to-actions to proper testing, segmentation, and even the downfalls of developing a “pointless app,” the infographic uses original, primary research with …   Read More

  • Millennial Media’s New S.M.A.R.T. Report Delves Into Evolving Mobile Ad Landscape

    On Wednesday, Millennial Media published its new S.M.A.R.T. Report, which is serving up no shortage of interesting insights into the contemporary mobile ad landscape. According to Millennial Media’s findings, mCommerce in November grew an impressive 64 percent month over-month as a Post-Click action. Meanwhile, 68% of telecom campaigns utilized mCommerce as a Post-Click Campaign Action …   Read More

  • Jumptap Data Shows Kindle Fire is Heating Up Network Traffic

    The Amazon Kindle Fire is… well, on fire. And on Thursday, the latest data presented in Jumptap‘s November MobileSTAT report confirms as much. According to Jumptap, the mobile advertising gurus, network traffic to the device jumped 270 percent in the last week of November, 2011. Jumptap also found that Seattle, Washington was the US city …   Read More

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    Mobile Web Browsing Dominated by Apple’s iOS

    2011 was a good year for Apple’s mobile operating system. According to the most recent data made available, last year ended with iOS having secured a 52% market share of mobile web browsing. Net Market Share reported Monday that Android – Google’s popular mobile operating system – significantly trails iOS with regard to leading mobile …   Read More

  • Millennial Media Reports Huge Christmas Spike in Amazon Kindle Fire Impressions

    On the heels of Millennial Media’s November Mobile Mix Report, which noted strong growth among tablet computers and other connected devices, Christmas and the immediate days to follow saw a dramatic and heightened continuation of this pronounced tend. “In November,” says Mack McKelvey, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Millennial Media, “impressions on the Kindle …   Read More

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    Mobile Mix Report Says Mobile Ad Impressions Are On ‘Fire’

    Millennial Media is out with the November Mobile Mix report and Amazon is likely gloating about it. On Tuesday, Millennial Media reported that ad impressions on the Fire grew at an average daily rate of 19 percent. Millennial Media says it’s seeing a monthly run rate of hundreds of millions of impressions – an outstanding …   Read More

  • Millennial Media Publishes New S.M.A.R.T. Report

    On Thursday, Millennial Media published its newest S.M.A.R.T. report, which is providing some fascinating and thought-provoking insights into the growth of mobile and its hottest content. With a strong emphasis on entertainment’s expanding role in our mobile lives, the report indicates that Motion Picture releases were the top subcategory in the entertainment vertical, making up …   Read More

  • Infographic: The Threat of Fraud in Today’s World of Mobile Commerce

    The folks over at PayPoint just published a new infographic on the rise of eCommerce (particularly mobile commerce) and the new threats of fraud that are being presented now that everyone is accessing financial information and paying for goods and services via digital means. According to the data, 30 percent of Internet shoppers, or roughly …   Read More

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    Millennial Media Highlights Stable Smartphone Landscape in New Mobile Mix Report

    On Tuesday, Millennial Media published its latest Mobile Mix Report which indicates that little has changed in the smartphone landscape since the latest report was issued. Once again in October, Android topped Millennial Media’s usage share charts (as it has for eleven straight months) as the smartphone platform landscape remained largely unchanged. All told, Millennial …   Read More

  • Jumptap Publishes ‘Wave Two’ of Its Understanding Mobile Audience Research

    On Thursday, Jumptap released its Wave Two in an ongoing proprietary research series called “Understanding Mobile Audience.” So what can we ” better understand” based on that which is presented in the report? According to Jumptap, which partnered with comScore for the report, tablet owners are almost as likely as PC and laptop owners to …   Read More