• Sprint Rolls Out Unlimited Text Program

    I just caught the commercial during the Patriots Chargers game. Sprint, on the heels of announcing 4000 layoffs and shuttering 125 retail locations has launched a nationwide unlimited text plan for $10 per month. It’s a great looking campaign for a company that had an...

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    Wanna Blog For MMW For Pay?

    I’m looking for 2 bloggers. Contact me if you’re interested.

  • Pizza Hut Pulling Away From The Pack

    Lots of folks already blogged about the pizza hut mobile site launch today so I’m not really looking to jump on that meme. What I haven’t seen mentioned though is the strength of Pizza Huts’ recent online marketing efforts. Somewhere near the end of August...

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    Evil SMS

    Ouch, I came across this earlier today.

  • EBay UK Hops Aboard The SMS Train

    I just noticed this in my Google reader from Google News… EBay UK is integrating SMS messaging bid alerts to inform bidders that they’ve been outbid. According to the Silicon.com article the same service is available for EBay users in Belgium, France and Spain.

  • Office Depot Got Mobilized – Text OD to 462411

    Office Depot partnered with go2 and mobilized their website. The Office Depot WAP site is a little disappointing though. I was jazzed to see that I could Text OD to 462411. Smart approach for all you marketers out there… users have a more difficult time...

  • Mobile Marketing TouchGraph

    I can’t stop goofing around with TouchGraph, I happened to be up late early this morning when Duncan posted it on TechCrunch. Some of the folks commenting to Duncans post aren’t that impressed but I disagree, this is really useful if you’re trying to visualize...

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    The Bids On The Cracked iPhone Are A Little Nutty

    At 5:30PM EST when I left my office the bids for this cracked iPhone was somewhere in the 8K range and moving up nicely. Fast forward 3 hours and the bid is at 99M. So, I’m wondering if there’s been any independent substantiation of this...

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    How To Unlock Your iPhone

    Enjoy. I wonder how long it will be before the Apple and AT&TÂ lawyers go bonkers.

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    You’ll Want To Read This If You Read Business 2.0

    This is an off-topic alert… I do and I enjoy getting that magazine as I do any magazine that has some return value in the form of new knowledge for my bucket; provided I have time to read it and perhaps that’s where the problem...