• Mobile World Congress Overview – Day One Recap

    As part of our continued coverage of this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), we’re taking the opportunity to recap the day’s events, and the most important announcements, introductions and developments thus far.  Here’s a quick recap of day one: Orange expands its mobile advertising initiatives...

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    Can Apple Further Its Agenda Without Antitrust Consequences?

    Apple is all too familiar with antitrust laws given its historic fight with Microsoft through the years in terms of “leveling the playing field” when it comes to PCs dominance over Mac, but now that Apple seems to have acquired the upper hand in the mobile space, can the company continue its current agenda while …   Read More

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    Why Carriers Need To Operate Like Visa or MasterCard

    Ok, I will admit I have never worked for a carrier and I don’t know their future plans for mobile commerce, but I do know one thing:  carriers love money and they do a good job at taking way too much of it. Yes, premium SMS is a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s made a …   Read More

  • Apple Unleashes The Game-Changing iPad

    Apple has finally unleashed the iPad, it’s newest creation sought to fill the gap between mobile devices and laptops.  While it’s a truly innovative and beautiful device, many speculated features that many had hoped for were missing in action during the event that just wrapped up in San Francisco.  Still, the iPad is set to turn mobile …   Read More

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    MMW Platform Showcase: 1020 Placecast

    The following is the first in a new series here on MMW where we take a closer look at the companies, startups, providers and platforms that foster innovation in the mobile marketing and advertising segment.  Our goal is to break down various providers and give you an inside look at who they are, what they …   Read More

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    Mobile Advertising to Grow 45% in 2010 to $3.8B

    While the advertising industry had a tough time last year, the display ad portion of the ad industry really suffered,  According to JP Morgan’s 2010 Internet Industry Outlook released yesterday, online display ads are set to rebound, and the mobile advertising industry is on the...

  • Kaiser Permanente Teams With mobileStorm For SMS Reminders, Sees 300% ROI

    Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest not-for-profit health plan, has teamed with mobileStorm, a digital marketing company with a decade of experience under its belt, to launch an innovative SMS-based patient reminder solution. Like most organizations, Kaiser was faced with the problem of needing to cut costs, and decided to target the most cost-sensitive areas of …   Read More

  • Lawmakers Purpose Strict Legislation On SMS Advertisements In New Jersey

    Two New Jersey Senators have set their sights on unsolicited text message advertising by purposing legislation that would heavily fine those who violate consumer privacy restrictions. The two lawmakers, Sen. Joseph Vitale and Sen. Sean Kean, argue that unsolicited SMS advertising is proving very costly for consumers and have decided to sponsor legislation that would …   Read More

  • Millennial Media: 2009 Was The “Year Of Mobile,” Predictions For The Top 10 In 2010

    There seems to be a constant debate as to when the so-called “year of mobile” will come about, or when mobile marketing and advertising will finally make the breakthrough to the masses.  One mobile ad network in particular thinks the year of mobile has already come and gone in 2009, and is already looking ahead …   Read More