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    Build Your Own Mobile Search Page

    If you have ever, like me, been disappointed in the search results you’ve found when seeking some crucial piece of information while mobile searching – you will want to try out FIRXT. It is a mobile portal that let’s you customize your own search engine page and save it as you have designed it. FIRXT …   Read More

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    The Problem With SMS Aggregators

    The following is a guest column by Jared Reitzin, CEO and founder of mobileStorm. What’s the difference between an aggregator and a lottery winner? In one sense, not much. Most lottery winners don’t have the life skills to be able to manage winning a hundred million dollars—and so, the drinking and spending ensue. Eventually they …   Read More

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    Mobile Search – not as easy as it should be

    It has been a long time since I’ve found myself frustrated by using Google for searching. Kind of like breathing, finding what I need on Google is something I take for granted. But using Google on mobile is just plain frustrating to me. Let me explain with an example:   Read More

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    CellTrust’s Secure SMS Gateway Sets The New Standard

    CellTrust is in the business of providing secure and trusted exchange of information on mobile devices, and announced yesterday that they’ve been granted certification by Microsoft of compatibility with Windows Mobile 6.0. This extends their secure mobile-platform to even more devices. What’s possible with their secure platform is the true future of mobile commerce and …   Read More

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    “Search” No More For Marketing’s Latest Grail

    A funny thing about Google’s mobile search service, called Google SMS, which lets people find businesses by texting names and locations to a short code: Those who know about it utilize it constantly and really love it; but passionate as they are, users are still a minority among cell phone owners. The dichotomy occurred to …   Read More

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    The Future of Ad Formats Remains Fuzzy

    A few days ago I posted a blog about the Mobile Marketing Association’s announcement of new guidelines for mobile ads. The first substantial hitch, however, to a “universal application” of those guidelines was observed almost as soon as they were announced. The four proposed banner ad formats outlined differed in size from Google’s mobile image …   Read More

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    When Are You Adding SMS To Your eCommerce Strategy?

    Amazon did. I haven’t made a purchase yet (I tried) but I started looking at the service tonight by Texting 245BW to 262966.   Read More

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    Is Apple Disrupting The US Market For Nokia And Does Nokia Really Care?

    Yesterday, Nokia published their Form 20-F report atlas, this thing is 220 pages. Buried on Page 57 you’ll find the Global Mobile Device Volume By Geographical Area report which indicates strong growth around the Globe. The anomalistic region for Nokia though is North America, where in 2007 they faced a declining demand for their products …   Read More

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    Mobile Marketing Ideas Abound At Wapfly

    Anyone looking for innovative mobile marketing ideas would certainly be wise to check out Wapfly and their growing and quite impressive portfolio. In fact, when I heard that David Beckham digs Wapfly, I had to check it out for myself.   Read More

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    “Mobilize” Your Classifieds With CellySpace

    Classified advertising has been around forever, because it works. There’s no better way to advertise a one-time product or service, a vehicle, or real estate than with a simple classified advertisement. With the introduction of free online classified sites like Craigslist, it’s become even more effective and cost efficient.   Read More