• MMW Heading “Under The Radar”

    Oftentimes new technology is touted just for technology’s sake. After the geek dust clears, laypersons are left to wonder how Gadget A or App B will actually effect their lives. So we at MMW have always avoided tech elitism; instead we explain why mobile tech...

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    Making Your Mobile Site Discoverable

    A Bango study released this week, revealed that half of the Top 20 most trafficked PC websites (according to Nielsen Online) did not work well when visited from a mobile phone. The study noted that some of the sites that did not work well had a mobile version of their site, but when the study’s …   Read More

  • Thank You, MMW Readers

    Thanks to all the MMW readers who took the time to fill out our reader survey! We’d hoped to find out the extent to which people are using mobile in their marketing campaigns. We also wanted to see other ways in which mobile was part...

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    MobileMarketingWatch Survey: Win $50!

    To better understand how marketers are using mobile as part of their strategy, and who our readership is, we here at Mobile Marketing Watch are conducting our first-ever survey. We hope to find out who’s using mobile marketing, and how often, and how mobile permeates...

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    71% Of Companies Don’t Track Mobile Traffic…

    As unbelievable as that sounds, a survey by Omniture shows that nearly 71% of companies do not track mobile-based traffic to their websites- with half admitting to not even knowing how many unique users visit their sites from a mobile device. We’ve stated how important it is to have a viable mobile presence, especially now, …   Read More

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    Mobile Email Marketing Tips

    This week I came across two excellent resources about email marketing specifically as it relates to mobile. Because so many people are now checking email on their mobile devices this advice is particularly timely. Any smart marketer would be wise to pay attention to this phenomenon and take appropriate action. DM News E-mail marketing is …   Read More

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    Congress Looking Into The Ballooning Cost of Text Messaging

    Congress is getting curious these days. First, they inquire about crude oil speculators and now they’ve set their sights on text messages. As it turns out, some in the legislative branch are mighty interested in learning why the price of text messaging has doubled industry-wide in the last three years. And legislators are taking their …   Read More

  • Three Important Trends in Mobile Marketing

    As mobile marketing continues to get traction there are some important trends we can watch to see mobile marketing begin to settle into life in the mainstream. 1. Mobile Integrated Events Mobile marketing and events are a perfect match – a crowd of people contained in one location with a common purpose or interest. It …   Read More

  • Ashley Furniture Sees Huge Boost In Revenue From SMS

    In a tough economy, companies are in need of alternative advertising methods to keep customers coming in, and to maintain name recognition in an increasingly crowded market. Traditional marketing, while still effective, has lost its luster so to speak in recent times, and brands are searching for unique methods to spread their message. More and …   Read More

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    MMS Search Now Available On Most US Carriers

    This is something I’ve been waiting for a long time; the introduction of MMS search or “mobile visual search” via network carriers here in the US. Finally, the user doesn’t have to do anything special to take advantage of this new mobile search technology. Carriers have begun integrating MMS search into their photo-messaging services, including …   Read More