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    Qualcomm + Targeted Ad-Serving From Xiam

    Qualcomm recently purchased Dublin-based Xiam technologies in an effort to strengthen it’s “internet services” division and to add another layer of mobile innovation to it’s portfolio. Xiam offers a highly targeted ad-serving platform designed to combine a vast amount of information from a user’s online...

  • Microsoft Buying Danger

    Never heard of em? Danger manufacturers the software found in this little gadget called SideKick for T-Mobile USA. The WSJ covered it here and Danger posted this on their website. Wanna know what else is interesting about this acquisition? The Danger platform sits on top...

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    Google Argument All Smoke & Mirrors?

    I think Robert Scoble has it right, Google is posturing for the sake of posturing and in the end they won’t care because they’re focused on Mobile. I’d be too, heck Google already owns search and that’s not going to change anytime soon just because...

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    Does It Matter That Motorola Missed The 3G Ramp?

    I just read this on RCRWirelessNews and one bit struck me as odd. “Brown’s announcement also reflected that Motorola’s troubles are deeper than generally acknowledged by the company or analysts. The company has not revealed a follow-on platform to its Razr handset, it missed the global ramp in 3G devices, its smartphone offerings are minimal …   Read More

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    Yahoo Aquires Mobile Ad Firm Actionality

    This crossed the wire a couple of hours ago. Yahoo has acquired Actionality which has one of those bizarre web sites without links on it. I’m not kidding either, this is like a 3 page web site. Go figure?